Kim Soo Hyun had his first kiss in the stairs of his apartment

23-year-old Kim Soo Hyun stole the attention and became an idol after his great performance in musical drama Dream High, where he shocked many drama fans with his bold acting , singing and dancing.
Newsen recently did an interview with Kim Soo Hyun and here are some of it.

Q : Are you dating any girl now ?
A : My manager told me many times before I came here to interview, they said : Even you have a girlfriend now, you must say no. So, my answer is No, I’m not dating now.
Kim So Hyun laughs and say : I really don’t have a girlfriend now.

Q : Tell us about your first kiss
A : My ex-girlfriend was not an actress and I can’t tell much about her because it might harm her. The first kiss happened in the stairs of my apartment.

Q : Your best attractiveness is ?
A : Kim Soo Hyun thought deeply for a while before answering : I was lucky to get a good character in Dream High. Now I am standing in the edge between a boy and a man. But I like this situation, maybe that’s my attractiveness. As I am neither a boy nor a man, fans feels cute sometimes and handsome sometimes. Probably makes people feel interesting to me continuously.

Q : About your next role ?
A : It’s OK for me  if I wear high school uniform again in next drama or other character of a  cheater or a man full of flirt  or theft. I will not sort out characters.  I am ready for any characters.

Wow, interesting characters, Kim So Hyun as a flirt man ? He has the package, can’t wait !

Source : Newsen


  1. brenda says:

    He definitely cute, no question about that, but he still has to work hard for his acting skill.

  2. abeer says:

    what ….he had a girl friend in past…. and they even kissed omg…

  3. sus says:

    i like ur act.

  4. roxana says:

    I like Dream High very much and you, suzy and taecyoon also.
    how much your age when you got a girlfriend?

  5. chinwe says:


  6. jenny says:

    so…. maybe he is secretly dating suzy ?

  7. May says:

    I’m obsessed with Kim Soo Hyun. <3 Dream High is now in the Philippines such a wonderful drama series I've ever watched.

  8. CAMILLE says:


  9. Chen says:

    I love Dream High, it brings so much memories of high school days. I love Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy as onscreen partner. :)

  10. Soo hyun unnie says:

    Marry me, oppa <3 :) )

  11. lulu says:

    Just wait till you see The Moon Embraces The Sun. He was so great here. Hope that more good projects that will bring out his excellent acting power will come his way. Han Ga In is suited as his leading lady. This actress is so young looking and exudes a calm personality.

  12. riza says:

    i’m started to love him through his drama Will it snow at Christmas love more in Giant and love most in Dream High and MoonSun>>>

    Maybe his ex-gf right now regrets to lose him. He’s A-actor, he has a nice voice, he can dance, he can Mc and top on that he is handsome and hot!

  13. ma.angela says:

    ..u are the best actor :) )

  14. nympha says:

    ..your cute is to
    the highest level

  15. ana says:

    Just finished watching The Moon That Embraces The sun and your acting is superb. I’ve watched Dream High as well and you were able to capture my interest since then. I can say that you can REALLY act. Continue sharpen your skill and I know you’ll go places my dear. Hope to see more of your craft. Kudos! ???

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  17. im one of your fan i wish i see you in personal.your so cute handsome and evryting good…i love your soap operas a lot like moon embracing the sun….


  19. shaina frijas says:

    I watched the moon embracing in first to the last episode and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i wish is have a part 2!!!!love you kim soo hyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. sophia says:

    Just finish watching moon embraces the sun..very nice drama..I like it very very much…

  21. jocelyn sanchez says:

    Love his acting.Perfect couple with actress han ga in in the drama “The moon embracing the sun”.Love this drama so much.And now “My stars in the sky” with actress jun ji hyun is an awesome drama too.Good luck!!!

  22. joan says:

    Iloveu kim soo hyun <3

  23. cren says:

    Now that i’ve watched some of his movies, i’m a lot curious how he is in real life.Anyway, he’s cute and even more handsome when he laughs.*^-^*

  24. I lOVE YOU KIM SOO HYUN …???? ?? ??~?? ??? ??……heheheheheh

  25. jasmin says:

    i like kim soo hyun

  26. jasmin says:

    kim soo hyun I like your drama. I want more drama please ..

  27. JIA ANNE says:

    I am infatuated by Kim Soo Hyun. Just finished watching The moon embraces the sun. KSY’s acting was superb. Love his amazing acting esp when he acted angry, jealous, sad, aloof, sarcastic, happy, disappointed, etc etcetera. This drama really demanded alot of him and he scored Distinction in all of them! Kudos and keep it up! Love you!

  28. christi says:

    I really adore u kim soo hyun…i m frm india n i really lyk ur dramas espwcially dream high n my love from anothr star….keep going…i will always cherish u

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