Yoon Eun Hye and Micky Yoochun are resentful couple

We got a trendy , young and hip couple for upcoming MBC drama titled I Miss You which was written by talented writer Moon Hee Jung (Can You Hear My Heart; Smile, You).
Micky Yoochun (Park Yoo Chun) is paired with Yoon Eun Hye as the drama’s leading roles.

Micky Yoochun plays Han Jung Woo, a fun police detective while Yoon Eun Hye plays Lee Soo Yeon, a cheerful fashion designer.
While they’re teenagers, they were a couple but unfortunately they were painfully separated. That memory left a deep scar for both and when they meet again as an adult, they are full of resentment but of course deep in their heart, they still love each other.

Other cast confirmed for the drama are Do Ji Won (Smile Donghae) who plays extravagant woman Hwang Mi Ran who run a fashion business and new face , Jang Mi In Ae who will take miserable role as a a clumsy mystery webtoon artist who has a crush on Han Jung Woo.

20 episodes I Miss You is scheduled to air early November (replacing Arang and The Magistrate) with teenage actors Yeo Jin Goo and Kim So Hyun (The Moon Embraces The Sun) open the drama to play the teenage version of Micky Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye.

Source : Stoo


  1. eli says:

    YES…..My girl and My boy !
    That is it ….i am so happy .finally I’ve got one of my dream paired …YES YES YES!

  2. mozhi says:

    oh,,my god,,i know that someday ,,these two wil be a couple in a drama,,,i just love them so mush,,
    waitinf for the drama,make me crazy

  3. mar says:

    Can’t wait to watch this! Miss YEH in a drama. They (YEH and MICKY) look good together too!

  4. minimi says:

    it is really interesting drama. although it’ve been only several episode were aired, it makes me curious what will Jung Woo wanna tell to Soo Yeon.
    really want to know till the last scene ^____^

  5. katiesj_pyc says:

    this is heart-wrenching..tear-jerking drama… I cried the whole time I watched it. Chunnie gave justice to the character of “Jung woo”. Nobody can surpass his acting in this drama. He proved that he’s good in acting too. It really broke my heart to see him crying!!!! saranghe…chunnie!!! fighting! fighting!

  6. nigell says:

    i am obsessed with that drama “missing you” ..hey..another project for park yoochun and yoon eun hye !!!

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