Yeon Jung Hoon said that his wife, Han Ga In, is scary

yeon jung hoon

Vampire Prosecutor‘s ensemble was invited on KBS 2TV program Happy Together last night.
Yeon Joon Hoon, Lee Young Ah, Lee Won Jong and Jang Hyeon Seong were thare , talking with popular host Yoo Jae Seok.

The main star, Yeon Jung Hoon was the highlight of the night as he revealed hidden things about  his wife, famous actress Han Ga In (Bad Man).
Yeon Jung Hoon said that Han Ga In has innocent face and looks pure but actually she has tons of charisma which makes his junior and even senior friends afraid of her.
And they’re not afraid because Han Ga In was constantly angry but she just needs to stare and his friends feel fearful of her.

He also revealed that he has curfew which is 12AM . His friends know it and everytime Yeon Jung Hoon meets with his friends, they managed to eat and drink quickly and go home.
But sometimes he breaks the curfew, when that happens , Han Ga In will say ‘What are you doing out so late , just come home fast, you can meet your friend again another day‘.

Yeah, that’s what all normal wives do, I guess. Ha !

yeon jung hoon

yun jung hoon

Source : News Mk


  1. o3w3r3 says:

    Then Han Ga In is a dominant wife ? Gah, she’s so cute

  2. Dammmnnn cutie has some fangs underneath those lips and maybe some control issues…haha get it fangs cause her husband is on a vampire show…

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