The picture of Song Il Gook’s adorable triplet

For the first time, Song Il Gook showed the picture of his precious babies.

The 40-year old actor was in the episode of tvN’s program called Taxi.

During the show, he opened his marriage life. He denied rumor that he married just for convenience and not because of love.

He also told that he didn’t receive privilege in his early acting career because his mother was a very famous actress, Kim Eul Dong. He shared his grueling experiences when he started as a no name actor.

His confession was agreed by the show’s MC, Gong Kyung Jin, who said ‘I do know that because I’ve seen him as an extra actor in his early career’.

The highlight of the interview was when Song Il Gook told that his wife finally pregnant after 4 years of marriage . Song Il Gook married a lawyer named Jung Seung Yeon back in 2008. And their long awaited babies, a triplet, were born last month, March 16.

Song Il Gook and his wife gave  unique names for their babies -all boys- : Dae Han (means Korea) , Min Kook (means republic) and Man Se (means life long / viva).

When the host asked about photo, he soon showed it.

MC Lee Young Ja and Gong Hyung Jin praised the three cute boys and they commented : ‘ In this low-birth rate era, you are a patriot ‘ Ha !

Song Il Gook also shared the frightening experiences while his wife was pregnant with the triplet. He said ‘The mother’s burden of having a triplet was beyond imagination. The total weight of the triplet in the womb was more than 6 kgs (13 pounds). It’s the situation when we almost had to give up on one the triplets.’

Source : Asiae


  1. KonaBeans says:

    Thank you very much to translating the news. I just wanted to make a correction that the triplets were born on March 16, 2012, not April 16.

  2. daiko says:

    @Konabeans : thanks for correction !

  3. Ezeja amanda says:

    They are soooo cute and awesome.congrat

  4. Kim Bond says:

    Your children are adorable!!! I live America. I think you are the best actor I have ever seen, look forward to watching you on more shows. I wish you and your family many blessings.

  5. Mohsen says:

    I’m your fan from Iran. You are a nostalgia to me. I hope you and your family be happy and healthy. Triplets are so cute. Why don’t you visit Iran again?

  6. tra says:

    I love u. I love your act . You and han ga in is the most perfect couple that i ever seen. I hope to see u and her in another drama . But if not that still is the best movie memoriesof your guy in my mind forever.The best luck for u and your family. I love u

  7. kate okorie says:

    Happy birthday SONG ll Gook…….I love u specally from the bottom of my heart! You are the best and I wish u many more years!I love u jumong,I adore u Choi kang ta…….kisses

  8. ruth says:

    Oppa! I wish u and ur family good health also congratulate the kids. I wish them many more years.

  9. am a Nigerian girl but I do watch Korean movies. song ii wat i love most about u is your lips, is so small and nice, and I love your acting career.

  10. odemero hannah ife says:

    Waoooooooooo dats so great Soog ll-gook. Happy for u. Is not easy giving birth to a triplet waoo

  11. Princess says:

    I love u choi kang ta,peter pan,jumong,song il gook,happy married live. love u

  12. Princess says:

    I love u song il gook,jumong,choi kang ta,yeon mu, peter pan,micheal king.Happy married live. LOVE YOU

  13. Princess says:

    You are really blessed

  14. addis says:

    waw! incridable actor! and ur kids r soo beautyfull !godbless u and ur family.happy new year!!!!!!!!

  15. happiness says:

    oppa! onio…ajunssi u are the best Korean actor I have ever seen…..I mean every thing ur pose ur act everything are totally magnificent….. carry on dude we are ur fans

  16. liza watson says:

    I love you so much . you are so beautiful and act very well .

  17. losy says:

    Im so much love U .I live in canada . Once a day i want to clutch you
    because you are so handsome .
    Ur fan
    1000000000 kiss for U

  18. Kazeem says:

    We nigerian’s that watches korean movies know u are great nd lovely actor,i could have wish if u can come to nigeria as you goto iran,my regards to ur babies nd ur lovely wife.

  19. emily natasha says:

    I love u song il gook,jumong,i wish visit you i love your sons god blessthem good for your wife, you visit iran i am ur fan from iran you are a humble human ….. please send me an email if you read this loyal message

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