The fabulous fanmade posters for City Hunter Lee Min Hoo

No wonder Lee Min Hoo has the most Facebook fans among other Korean stars.
His next year drama City Hunter still has no broadcast date but his fans already showed their love by made several fabulous posters.

Definitely a difficult job for City Hunter‘s production team to make official poster to level those fan made posters.

Many said that Rain’s performance as playboy detective in currently airing Fugitive : Plan B already stole Min Ho’s limelight as detective in City Hunter.
Min Ho’s version will always be compared to Rain’s but although Rain made a strong lovable playboy detective with thousand comical faces, there’s still many room for Min Ho to make playboy detective style of his own.
We believe Lee Min Ho’s version will entertain and lovable too. Hwaiting !

Source : Edaily


  1. bess_eu says:

    it’ll be difficult to top Rain. Rain’s so fantastic in Fugitive. But i’ll always give min ho oppa chance !

  2. dolores says:

    the posters are great. choosing the right female lead will determine the fate of this drama.
    chemistry ! chemistry !

  3. marin says:

    The first poster so funny. Min ho will make a super funny cute playboy detective hahahahahaha

  4. chuchu says:

    –please choose da right lead female to oppa…i wish dat unni hye sun will be da leading lady..please choose da right female to our oppa…please…:(

  5. zheena says:

    can’t wait for my oppa min ho’s new drama… hope it’s MArch 2011 already… wish you the best of luck oppa… saranghae…

  6. rika says:

    i can’t wait lee men hoo..act to be (Rio) the city hunter….i wondering who going to act to be his pathner (Kaori)??????.i ready read the comic is funnny and cool.i’m sure choosing min as star is prefect.good luck min hoo….wish success as BOF.

  7. maria says:

    Park shin Hye will be a perfect leading lady for lee Min Ho in City Hunter since they look good together plus they seem to enjoy working with one another as shown in their CF.

  8. clarris says:

    i hope koo hye sun or park shin hye will be the leading lady of lee min ho oppa!! saranghae!!!!

  9. daisy says:

    ToTallY agree with park shin hye for female-lead;;Thay seem good together!

  10. Are you fans of Lee Min Hoo and other Korean actors?
    Then here’s cool cartoon photos of them for you.

  11. anq qwapo mohh talaga lee mi ho

  12. yohana says:


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