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The Inheritors : press conference event

the heirs

The Heirs aka The Inheritors finally held its press conference event of October 7, just 2 days before its premiere date.

It’s a crowded event as the drama brought 12 of its cast to meet the reporter, they were Lee Min Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul, Kang Min Hyuk, Park Hyung Shik, Park Shin Hye, Kim Sung Ryung, Kim Ji Won, Im Joo Eun, Krystal and Jun Soo Jin.

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Medical Top Team vs The Inheritors


MBC’s Medical Top Team will be competing head-to-head with SBS’ The Inheritors when both drama premiere October 9.

Both are star-studded drama, but it seems that The Inheritors gets more buzz because of it’s young superstars cast (Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye) comparing to Medical’s more grown-up actors.

Which drama will win the rating ?
Kwon Sang Woo leads Medical Top Team,  he’s as usual producing great acting and his last 2 dramas (Yawang & Daemul) got very good rating. But, if the story doesn’t interesting, Kwon Sang Woo alone would not able to save the drama.
Meanwhile The Inheritors comes from writer Kim Eun Sook who her last 2 dramas (Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s Dignity) created massive success. Will The Inheritor with young armada do the same for her ?

We’ll get the answer next week !

While in waiting, let’s check Medical Top Team‘s press conference session which was held on September 24, attended by its main cast : Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryu Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Oh Yeon Seo and Minho.

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The Inheritors : First trailer ; Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in almond farm.

inheritors 11

The Inheritors goes full throttle to promote the drama. They released tons of new stills feature leading couple Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. The stills were filmed in an almond farm in the United States.
Judging from the stills, it feels  awkward  when the two were together in one frame, but let the real drama explains on October 9.

But first, check The Inheritors first ever teaser below !

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Park Shin Hye is red for InStyle

park shin hye 1

Park Shin Hye heats up the promotion for her new drama The Inheritor as the 23-year-old actress posed with red attire in the October’s InStyle magazine.

The Inheritors airs October 9.

park shin hye 2 park shin hye 3

The Inheritors : Choi Jin Hyuk’s still

choi jin hyuk 1

The Inheritors finally showed Choi Jin Hyuk’s still.

He plays Kim Won, Kim Tan’s stepbrother and also the man who run the family business.

The still showed Kim Won, with an attire perfectly shows that he’s a rich man, was in a jewelry store. Looked dashing, cool and serious.

It’s a brother rivalry, yikes !

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The Inheritors : Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye’s skinship & official posters


After teased us with several character stills, The Inheritors spoiled us even more with the skinship stills of the main actors, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.

The scene was filmed on August 22 in Paju, Gyeonggido at a US based hospital.

The rich boy and the poor girl meet. It’s only a still but the chemistry is astonishing !

Definitely can’t wait The Inheritors !

And by the way, The Inheritors also released their official poster and character posters. Take a look !

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The Inheritors : Krystal’s stills

krystal 1

It’s been a steady flow of character still from The Inheritors and the newest is Krystal.

The idol singer plays Lee Bo Na, a heiress of a big entertainment company. She’s a a high school girl and also Kim Tan’s ex-girlfriend before he went to US.

Although Lee Bo Na is a rich girl but her still  showed her as a chic school girl in a relaxed makeup and appearance.

Definitely a  total  opposite of Kim Ji Won’s , then it’s a clever idea of writer Kim Eun Sook to show many styles of the riches !

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The Inheritors : Kim Ji Won’s stills

kim ji won 5

The Inheritors keeps spoiling us with the stills from its main cast.
Now, it’s Kim Ji Won.
She plays Rachel Yoo, a rich girl who appears to be a calm but charming girl.
The stills were taken during her shooting on August 23rd at Incheon International Airport. Rachel Yoo was seen arriving with a cart full of Louis Vuitton luggage.

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The Inheritors : Kang Min Hyuk’s stills

kang min hyuk the inheritors

The latest star of The Inheritors who comes with new stills is Kang Min Hyuk.

The 22-year-old CNBlue’s drummer plays Yoon Chan Young, the son of Empire Group’s secretary. Yoon Chan Young is described as a gentle,  easy going young man. But he also has a  wild masculine personality.

The still itself showed Kang Min Hyuk with full of smile, filming his first scene at a high school in Seoul on August 17.

kang min hyuk the inheritors 2


Source : Jkn

The Inheritors : Kim Woo Bin’s stills

kim woo bin the inheritors

After Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, The Inheritors released Kim Woo Bin’s stills.

The 24-year-old rising actor plays Choi Young Do, the heir of Welcome Resort. This rich boy is described as a man with cold character.
But, in the shooting set, Kim Woo Bin was all smile !

His stills came from Kim Woo Bin’s first day filming on August 16 on a wedding hall in Gangnam, the same filming location with Park Shin Hye and maybe also the place when their characters meet for the first time. Kim Woo Bin looked tidy with a white shirt but strangely this heir was washing dishes !
Why ? We’re curious to know  !

The Inheritors airs October 9.

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