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Lee Kwang Soo missed BFF Song Jong Ki

song joong ki lee kwang soo

It’s been 2 weeks since Song Joong Ki entered his training camp for mandatory army duty and his Running Man’s best friend, Lee Kwang Soo, already missed him so much.

The 28-year-old Lee Kwang Soo completed his mandatory military service after he graduated from high school, so he knows how hard it’s inside the camp.

Lee Kwang Soo let the people know about his feeling as he posted on his Twitter ,’ Are you having a hard time ? ”

He also posted the screenshot of a post from another Twitter account which said ,”I’m not lying, but my friend is at the same training camp with Song Joong Ki and he said that Joong Ki got caught eating a chocopie. Kekekekekeke he’s really human”.

Now we know that Song Joong Ki loves chocopie !

Credit : Soompi

Song Joong Ki says goodbye

song joong ki 1

Another actor enter military. This time is Song Joong Ki.

On August 27, the -27year-old actor bid farewell to the fans in front of hundred of fans and reporter at 102th unit at Chuncheon, Kangwondo.

He spoke briefly about 3 minutes , thanked for all the support and immediately entered the military base.

He spent the night before with his family who traveled from hometown Daejon to Seoul.

Ten days earlier, Song Joong Ki held a private fan meeting with his 1000 member of his fan club.

It reported as a warm and also emotional session for the actor, as Song Joong Ki  exchanged intimate feelings with his fans, he even shed tears.

Song Joong Ki also met with his close friends, actress / singer Son Dam Bi and actor Sohn Hyun Joo on his last free days. They enjoyed a night out in a restaurant in Cheongdamdong on August 20.

So, take care Song Joong Ki. See you in 2015.

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Song Joong Ki and Park Si Yeon are couple for Nice Guy

Upcoming melodrama Nice Guy released new stills , showcased Song Joong Ki and Park Si Yeon.
They were seen as a cute and happy couple during their college years.
But soon all that happiness will disappear when Park Si Yeon betrays Song Joong Ki for her own ambition.

The cute Song Joong Ki also follows the same path becomes a cruel man when he finally uses a disabled woman (Moon Chae Won) to seek revenge for his former girlfriend.

Although we don’t feel a convincing chemistry through those stills but hopefully the  real drama will be different.

Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won and Park Si Yeon met at Nice Guy’s script reading

Upcoming KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama, Nice Guy, held its first full fledged script reading. The session was attended by its main cast , Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won, Park Si Yeon, Lee Yoo Bi , Lee Kwang Soo , writer Lee Kyung Hee and director Kim Jin Won.

Nice Guy tells story of a man (Song Joong Ki) who was betrayed by the woman he loves (Park Si Yeon) . He then seek revenge using another woman who has lost her memory (Moon Chae Won).

With the strong cast and great writer who specialized in heartfelt dramas such as A Love To Kill, Sorry I Love You and Thank You, it seems that KBS2 will continue its reign over Wed-Thursday rating after back-to-back successful drama Man From The Equator and Gaksital.

Nice Guy debuts early September.

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Park Si Yeon confirmed to join ‘Nice Guy’

Park Si Yeon’s agency confirmed the news that Park Si Yeon will join the cast of upcoming KBS2 drama Nice Guy alongside Song Joong Ki, Moon Chae Won and Lee Kwang Soo.

Melodrama Nice Guy tells a sad love story when a man uses a woman to avenge other woman whom betrayed him.

Park Si Yeon will take the role of Han Jae Hui, the woman who betrays the leading man Kang Ma Ru (played by Song Joong Ki).

Nice Guy will start filming soon and scheduled to debut next August replacing Bridal Mask.

Source : Newsen

Park Si Yeon joins Song Joong Ki’s ‘Nice Guy’ ?

Rumor has it that Park Si Yeon will join Song Joong Ki’s new drama Nice Guy.

Park Si Yeon’s agency talked to Newsen on May 23 ‘ Eventhough the casting is not 100% confirmed but it’s right that she’s very likely joining the drama. We are still discussing it in progressive way’.

If Park Si Yeon agrees to join, probably she will take the second leading lady role as Moon Chae Won already confirmed to join Nice Guy couple weeks ago.

Melodrama Nice Guy tells story of a man who uses a woman who lost her memories to take revenge on a woman who betrayed him.

Writer Lee Kyung Hee will write the script, she’s the genius behind some classic dramas such as I’m Sorry I Love You, A Love To Kill and Thank You.

So, her excellent track records definitely demands our attention and added Park Si Yeon in the cast, it’s couldn’t be any better.

Source : Newsen

Nice Guy : Song Joong Ki vs Moon Chae Won

With his pals from Sungkyunkwan Scandal (Micky Yoochun, Yoo Ah In and Park Min Young) are busy shooting drama today, it seems that Song Joong Ki doesn’t want to left behind.

The 26-year-old actor confirmed to take leading man role in upcoming drama titled Nice Guy.
The story came from writer Lee Kyung Hee who wrote famous drama Sorry I Love You, Rain’s A Love To Kill and Jang Hyuk’s Thank You.

Just same as her previous story, Nice Guy will be a mellow drama, tells a man who uses a woman who lost her memories to take revenge on a woman who betrayed him.

Song Joong Ki just proved he’s talented actor through his stellar performance in Deep Rooted Tree and he will get serious co-star as Moon Chae Won (The Princess’ Man) confirmed to take the leading lady role.

For us, writer Lee Kyung Hee’s previous dramas were several basic dramas which put foundation to what Korean drama is today. They’re classic !
So, writer Lee Kyung Hee plus Song Joong Ki in modern outfit are an irresistible combo. Definitely a must watch drama.

Although haven’t pick a broadcast station yet, Nice Guy aims to air next August.

Source : Newsen

Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In ready to make drama again

Through Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki produced one of the most memorable bromance in Korean drama.

And look like they don’t mind to do it again.

Yoo Ah In once sent a message to Song Joong Ki while he was in MBC interview program ‘Section TV’. At that time, Yoo Ah In said that he hoped to do a melodrama with Song Joong Ki.

And when finally Song Joong Ki appeared in MBC ‘Section TV’ on Sunday February 26, Song Joong Ki answered that he also wanted to do a drama with Yoo Ah In , especially in a manly, full of friendship themed drama.

Yeah, we also don’t mind to have Yoo Ah In – Song Joong Ki’s bromance parts 2 !

Source : Newsen

Song Joong Ki plays cute for Top Star News

Song Joong Ki is up for a shoot in January 20 edition of Top Star News magazine.

For the shoot, Joong Ki plays his usual cute pose with trendy urban chic spring /summer fashion attire.

In the interview for the mag, Joong Ki revealed that he has a plan to meet blind-handicapped man through his ‘voice donation’ project next March. He also actively work as PR ambassador for ‘kind library project’. He’s doing good !

Check out photos from the spread below.

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Han Ye Seul charms Allure ; Song Joong Ki makes GQ Men of The Year list

Penny Pinchers‘ couple, Han Ye Seul and Song Joong Ki both show up in magazines.

Han Ye Seul tries a dreamy mystical theme of modern Alice in Wonderland in gorgeous pictorial for December issue of Allure magazine.

Meanwhile her co-star, Song Joong Ki , was selected as one of 2011 Korean GQ Men of The Year . Congratulation , Joong Ki !!
He deserves it !

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