Song Joong Ki as a model for the real Sungkyunkwan University

You guys who currently watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal, do you know that Song Joong Ki actually spent his college  in the real Sungkyunkwan University ?
Yes, Sungkyunkwan University is Song Jong Ki’s college. He was majoring in Business .

And during his time there, he had been a model for public information book of Sungkyunkwan University since March 2008 edition. Including the newest edition, summer 2010.

And amazingly, every edition was sold out. Last year, the university had to re-print the book two times due to high demand.
And for this year, they already anticipated with double print quantity. But, do not expect to be able to get a copy of it, because it was all sold out.

Among the students, it stated that obtaining Sungkyunkwan University information book is like taking a star from the sky  (really ?).

Then for next edition the Sungkyunkwan University should double again the print copy to make everybody happy.

source : Newsen


  1. meitya says:

    What a coincidence he was former student there
    Hahaha superfunny
    He makes SS enjoyable

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  3. jenny-chan says:

    wow!! cant believe i’d found out that he is a Business major student… which makes me feel like “same boat” wif him… hohoho… thanks god.. i’v been trying to find out his academic life!!

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