Ricky Kim visited his parents in Hawaii

30-year-old model and actor Ricky Kim , showed his home town in Hawaii to the audience during KBS 2 variety show Yeo Yu Man Man on March 8.

Ricky Kim’s accompanied by his wife , Ryu Seung Joo, and their adorable daughter Taerin. They visited Hawaii, the place Ricky Kim had lived before he moved to Korea in 2006.

After landed in Hawaii airport, Ricky was greeted by his estranged biological father (Ricky Kim accepted his real father in the age of 15).

Then, Ricky Kim met his step-father who made a sweet kiss to Taerin. Right after that his mother appeared.

Then, Ricky visited his parents house and showed his old room which now becomes a boarding room.

It’s a wonderful family reunion !

Source : Newsen

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