Playful Kiss exploded in Youtube

As you all may know that Playful Kiss aka Naughty Kiss creates special edition channel in Youtube.
And reverse with home country rating (which bitterly low), the Youtube special edition  was a super hit.

Recorded more than 520,000 views and more than 3,400 comments (in  English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French)  just 48 hours since opening.

And to date, the channel produced almost 3.5 million visitors and almost 7 million video viewers. It’s achieved in less than a month. Woow, what a number !

Naughty Kiss Youtube special edition has a plan to open each episode and making film including N.G (not good scene) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7 o’clock in the evening for  3 weeks till 18th Nov.

The Youtube edition is quite different than the TV serial, so you should check it out at :

Congrats Naughty Kiss, Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min. Daebak !

Source : The Star


  1. 143OHHANI says:

    english sub please! i really like it even though i don’t understand :) all their fans are hoping for season 2! :)

  2. du_korea says:

    above me,
    there’s english subs in the Youtube ! Check again

  3. 143OHHANI says:

    i checked it out but i can’t find any, would u mind to send me a link here? and also, im looking for BSJ’s diary for youtube special, with english sub? do u know where i can find? cause i only saw diary part 1 for yt edition with english translation.

    it’s really frustrating, i wish i can understand their language :(

  4. imey says:

    hi 143ohani
    you just have to click the CC button in the bottom right of the video
    then choose your language

    here the sample , I watched with english subtitle

  5. Daine says:

    There should be a season 2 ! :D

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