Oh Ji Ho is Namja Pizza

While Oh Ji Ho wasn’t filming movies or dramas, he is a savvy restauranteur.

He entered kimchi business in 2010 with his three friends , selling 100% handmade kimchi , named Namja Kimchi.

It’s a very successful business and then they diversified the business and introduced Namja Pizza.

Last week Oh Ji Ho and his friends enlarged the business and opened a new branch at Gangnam, Seoul on March 14.

Namja Pizza is inspired by New York style, thinner than pan pizza but thicker than Italian’s. It has simple topping, refreshing taste with natural cheese.

Oh Ji Ho and his friends learned pizza recipe and manufacturing directly from several famous pizza restaurants in the world such as Grimaldi Pizza, Lombardi Pizza and Johnson Pizza in New York.

Oh Ji Ho and friends also  already came forward with franchise offering for their Namja Kimchi and Namja Pizza’s brand.

Yikes, they’re really serious with business !

Source : Newsen

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