MBC Drama Awards 2013

ha ji won

After produced sensational drama The Moon That Embraced The Sun in 2012,  MBC failed to do the same this year.
Their primetime high profile dramas such as Medical Top Team, Goddess of Fire, Miss Korea were beaten hard by competitors.
So, it’s very understandable that MBC gave their “Drama of The Year’ title to Hundred Years’ Inheritance, their only drama which broke 30% rating mark this year.
MBC also dedicated top actor and actress awards to Lee Seung Gi and Suzy from Gu Family Book, MBC’s second best performing drama (based on rating).
And for the highest prize, Daesang Awards, went to Ha Ji Won from Empress Ki, MBC’s best drama at the moment.

The event (2013 MBC Drama Awards) was held on December 30 and see the Winner List below.


Daesang: Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Drama of the Year: A Hundred Year’s Inheritance

Best Excellence Awards

Male (Mini Series): Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book)

Female (Mini Series): Suzy (Gu Family Book)

Male (Special Production): Kim Jae Won (Scandal) , Joo Jin Mo (Empress Ki)

Female (Special Production): Shin Eun Kyung (Scandal)

Male (Soap Opera): Lee Jung Jin (A Hundred Year’s Inheritance)

Female (Soap Opera): Han Ji Hye (I Summon You, Gold)

Excellence Awards

Male (Mini Series): Joo Won (Level 7 Civil Servant)

Female (Mini Series): Shin Se Kyung (When A Man Loves)

Male (Special Production): Ji Chang Wok (Empress Ki)

Female (Special Production): UEE (Golden Rainbow)

Male (Soap Opera): Yoon Jung Hoon (I Summon You, Gold)

Female (Soap Opera): Hong Soo Hyun (Give Love Away)


Male Rookie: Oh Chang Suk (Princess Aurora) , Lee Sang Yeob (Give Love Away)

Female Rookie: Jun So Min (Princess Aurora) , Baek Jin Hee (Empress Ki)

Writer of the Year: Jang Young Chul (Empress Ki), Jung Kyung Soon (Empress Ki),  Goo Hyun Sook ((A Hundred Year’s Inheritance)

Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year (by PD’s from KBS, SBS and MBC) : Ha Ji Won

Child Actor: Chun Bo Keun (The Queen’s Classroom)

Child Actress: Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Sae Ron, Seo Shin Ae, Lee Young Yoo (The Queen’s Classroom)

Golden Actor Award: Kim Sang Joon (Golden Rainbow) , Jung Bo Suk (A Hundred Year’s Inheritance) , Cho Jae Hyun (Scandal)

Golden Actress Award: Kim Bo Yeon (Princess Aurora) , Lee Hae Sook (I Summon You Gold), Cha Hwa Yeon (Give Love Away)

Popularity Award: Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book) , Ha Ji Won (Empress Ki)

Best Couple: Lee Sung Gi, Suzy (Gu Family Book)


ha ji won lee seung gi suzy uee yeon jung hoon ji chang wook joo won


Ha Ji Won received awards


Lee Seung Gi

Yoon Jung Hoon

Lee Jung Jin

Han Ji Hye

Joo Won

Lee Sang Yeob & Oh Chang Suk

Shin Se Kyung

Baek Jin Hee & Jun So Min


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