Lie To Me released official picture while the cast & crew surprised the PD

One of May anticipating drama, Lie To Me released a likely one of their official poster with 2 main stars on it.
The arrogant hotel CEO Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) posed seriously cool while Gong Ah Jung with relaxed playfully stood beside him. So cute. Gives us the hint vibe of this drama, gonna be a light and funny romance.
And how about the chemistry between the main pairing ? Judge from the picture, it’s fine but better wait till the drama airing to completely on board  with them.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of Lie To Me, leads by Kang Ji Hwan and Eun Hye gave their PD , Kim Soo Ryong, a surprise birthday bash at the shooting set at Hotel W on last 19th. That day, they was shooting the scene when Hyun Ki Joon and Gong Ah Jung met in the hotel’s hall.
When the shooting was just about to end, they came out from behind the curtain , and surprised the PD with singing  happy birthday.
Kang Ji Hwan hold the birthday cake, Eun Hye gave birthday present , a training pack complete with sneaker.
So sweet of them.

PD Kim So Ryong said that because of busy filming  schedule, he didn’t aware that it’s his birthday date. He also said that it was the first time he  had a birthday party at 4 PM in the morning.
In return he said that he transformed the support of the production crew and the cast and the anticipations of the viewers, to do his very best till the end to make an entertaining drama.

Congratulation PD, he already a award winning director since his 1996 movie Gong Ok Jin won several international film awards such as Houston International Film Festival, New York TV Festival and Philadelphia Film Festival.

His latest work, SBS special drama Father’s House, featured the comeback of  actor Choi Min Soo just won the best short story drama award at the 44th Houston International Film Festival and Asian TV Awards and also  nominated  for the 16th Shanghai International TV Festival.

Wow, with this great PD plus Kang Ji Hwan and Eun Hye  terrific acting it’s not excessive if we expect a great drama from Lie To Me. Hopefully !

Source : Asiae


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  2. santa says:

    OH….I really love her !!
    it was so long that I’ve been waiting to see them together !!!
    damn …they look good ……………..

  3. dana phils says:

    WHY DO KOREANS DON’T APPRECIATE GOOD DRAMA LIKE THIS ONE??????? its No.1 here in the PHILS….. their good together and the acting really looks real…

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