Lee Min Ho next drama : City Hunter

Good news for Lee Min Ho fans. He will play the lead role in upcoming SBS drama, titled City Hunter.
City Hunter is a popular Japanese manga written by Tsukasa Hojo. Although received many offer to make this manga into a TV drama, City Hunter never made it because  the writer  wanted several demands for the perfection of his manga.

But, finally Lee Min Ho’s appeal meets the City Hunter‘s writer demands.

Lee Min Ho will play a  city hero who saved many citizen. But he is also a sexy hero, a womanizer who plays around with beautiful women.

Unlike the original manga which set at  Tokyo in  1980s, the Korean version of City Hunter will set at Seoul in 2011.

City Hunter will be directed by PD Jin Hyuk who directed Brilliant Legacy, Prosecutor Princess and Painter of The Wind. The  scriptwriter is Lee Young Joong , who written  script  for thriller movies :  Private Eye(2009) and Black House(2007)

City Hunter will air on SBS next year.

source : asiae


  1. bbm says:

    wow that’s true lee min ho oppa is better lookin than won bin oppa

  2. maria says:

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  3. maria says:

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  4. fonchie says:

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  5. faezeh says:

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  6. faezeh says:

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  7. nurul syazana says:

    saranghaeyoo oppa lee min ho , you can cam back to malaysia ?

  8. Emzy Portugal says:

    i love u so much lee min ho..i promise i will be ur princess 4ever

  9. nadi says:

    you are my life love you so much

    chooaheh leeminho

  10. mayasedya says:

    city hunter i love you. city huter ye yes yes :) :)

  11. mayasedya says:

    lee min ho oppa

  12. saba says:

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  13. mary says:

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  14. Rajee says:

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    i am big fan of uuuuuuuuuuu

  15. reyhaneh says:

    I love you mr lee min hoo. I like your film…………………………..

  16. reyhaneh says:

    I from iran.iranian people very like korea film

  17. sarina says:

    before watching boys over flower i hated chinese japanese &korean people but now ilove them all i hope to watch more beautiful films which that you act in them xxxxxxx from sarina &her friends

  18. shirin says:

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  19. wilgen jade says:

    lee min ho why so yummy? :) by the way your really a good actor that’s why i love you :)

  20. marina says:

    lee min ho you are the best love you oppa ^^

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