Lee Jun Ki blends with nature in Canada

June edition of Allure magazine presents pictorial of Lee Jun Ki which was shot in Canada.
Along with the gorgeous photos, Lee Jun Ki also shared his feeling about his new drama Arang and The Magistrate with Shin Min Ah.

He said : ‘When I was serving army, I watched the works of my peer and I was inspired by their amazing skills. With that experience, I feel like I want to act with more honesty’.
Lee Jun Ki also said that ‘originality’ was his reason why he picked Arang and The Magistrate and he also promised that the drama will show uncommon romance of Lee Jun Ki.

Regarding with his recent milestone, reached the top spot of Japanese music chart Oricon, Lee Jun Ki said ‘It’s a blessing to have a such fan base and support of that scale. It’s like a miracle. I’m just thankful for all of this’.

Source : Asiae

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  1. eli says:

    OMG, frst picture is just amazing! isnt it?
    shin mina….Dear, I envy you !!

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