Jang Dong Gun’s wife, Ko So Young, denied plastic surgery rumor

On the second part of her interview with SBS’ talkshow Healing Camp , aired on July 16, Ko So Young answered some questions from the host Lee Kyung Kyu and Han Hye Jin.

When MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked her ,” Did you take plastic surgery ?” , Ko So Young strongly denied ,”No”.

Then MC Han Hye Jin praised Ko So Young’s beauty ,” I look at your child photo, you’re really pretty”. For the show, Ko So Young showed her photo when she was a student in junior high school and another photo when she took part on a  children beauty contest.

Ko So Young said ,” Actually my brother is more handsome. When my friends came to my home, they surprised on how handsome he was”.

Ko So Young also clarified the rumor that she’s daughter of a conglomerate family.
When she told that her hobby were horse-riding and learning ballet in the early age , MC Lee Kyung Kyu asked ,” Was your family rich? Actually there’s rumor of it. What’s your father does for living ?”

Embarrassed, Ko So Young said ,”You investigate my family too much”.
Then she continued ,” My father was worked for a Japanese shipping company. My family allowed me to do what I want”.

Source : Newsen

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