Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy’s picture brought jealousy

Although Kim Soo Hyun’s role in Dream High, cute boy Sam Dong , has abundant love for Goo Hye Mi (played by Suzy), but they are not a couple in that drama because Hye Mi’s heart belongs to Jin Gook.

But, behind the scene, they both are close and Dream High‘s staff told media that the drama working field is always vigorous as there are many young performers. Especially Suzy received many help and advice from her colleagues as this is Suzy’s acting debut.
He continued ‘I saw many times that they are practicing together before shooting. It’s like Kim Soo Hyun gives private teaching to Suzy. It looks good to me’

The staff probably right, as last week, Suzy uploaded a picture in her Twitter, showed she and Kim Soo Hyun all smile.
The picture got comments from netizen, said that maybe they’re dating, other said that both will look good as real loving couple.

Hmm, Hye Mi and Sam Dong dating in the real life ? Probably not.
But, in Dream High ? Will be nice. Confident and strong Hye Mi is perfect for cute country boy Sam Dong. Ha !

Source : Newsen


  1. dhfc says:

    I love your couple hope to be true It’s better to pair suzy and kim soo hyun rather than eunjung……………..

  2. Hyemi ?'s Samdong says:

    No, in the drama at the end. Suzy actually choose Sam Dong & he was the main guy from the start the author tries to tell the viewers from the scene on the bus to show that he’s the future guy for hyemi! Aja Aja Fighting HYEMI & SAMDONG! I ????????’s DREAM HIGH!

  3. dhfc says:

    I also know that I mean to say in WGM man

  4. 300198shif says:

    I wish they can to be a real couple^^

  5. Hsuzy says:

    kim soo hyun and suzy love you

  6. juv says:

    i love dz couple probably….
    hyunzy 4ever

  7. Kelly kim says:

    i never imagined them together in reality but things are looking good.
    Soo-hyun oppa <3 Suzy unnie

  8. mino says:

    soo hyun i love you i never them together in reality

  9. kitty says:

    I want to encourage them to be dating. They are so cute……..

  10. jenny says:

    i want them to get together in wgm !

  11. Jan says:

    I like Soo hyun Eunjung to WGM.

  12. Jan says:

    The husband and wife is soo hyun Eunjung.

  13. Jan says:

    Soo Jung Eun Hyun Fighting !!!

  14. kisha says:

    hi suzy !im one of your fans:) i just wanna say that your so cute

  15. hyunzy says:

    cute nyo tlaga hyunzy bagay kayo ahehehe (hyunzy) 4ever.

  16. hyunzy says:

    idol na idol ko tlga kayo ahehehe lagi akong nanunuod ng DREAM HIGH nagpupuyat ako para lng makita kayo ahahaha c: adik ako sainyo (hyunzy) por.eber NIKA16 ms.GEMINI26

  17. Saint San Ya Wai says:

    I …….love you. kim soo huny. you are so handsone

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