Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min start romance after kissing

For Playful Kiss‘s fans, you can expect a steamy kiss between Seung Jo and Ha Ni.
The kissing scene was filmed last October 9 at some street in Seoul under a rain.

After  Bong Jun Gu  confesses his love to Ha Ni and Seung Jo makes a meeting with He Ra, Seung Jo finally thinks it’s enough now and reveals his feelings to Ha Ni and stampede with a steamy kiss. Awwww !
This time a real kiss not the mischief one, ha !

From the filming set, it’s reported that the kiss scene was taken without any awkward from both stars, it’s very natural and no N. G.

After many disputes between Seung Jo and Ha Ni, it’s a relieve that they finally start their romance !

Source : Asiae


  1. Krismuro2005 says:

    To me it don’t matter who he chooses. His heart can choose for him when he is officially ready. He is just a typical guy who happens to be famous. Fans just support him, try not judge who he dates in real life. Still young at heart so he has plenty of time to fall in love.

  2. herna wati says:

    i love you to kimhyun aku suka fim kamu

  3. herna wati says:

    i loveyou vorefer alwais to gether

  4. herna wati says:

    kim hyun kapan lagi flm nya ada pgn nonton lg

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