Kim Bum, Han Ji Min and Jung Woo Sung meet for a new drama

Wow, what a cast !
This time , the 3 stars will lead a new mini series titled Padam Padam … The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats for new Korean cable channel jTBC which will officially launch on December 1st.
This is Han Ji Min first drama series after Cain and Abel almost 3 years ago and also Kim Bum’s newest after his trendy romance drama The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry in early 2010.

Whilst for Jung Woo Sung, this is his drama after high profile Athena : Goddess of War and also his first appearance in small screen after he ended his much-talked sensational relationship with Lee Ji Ah. Thank God he recovers and back to business, right ?

Back to Padam Padam, in this series, Han Ji Min plays Jung Ji Na, a veterinarian who taking care of wild animal. Ji Na , a bright and calculative girl, meets Yang Kang Chul and deeply loves him for the first time in her life.
Yang Kang Chul himself is a man who had a rough life, being framed and jailed. He has a friend he considers as his guardian angel which played by Kim Bum.

Padam Padam will be directed by IRIS‘s director, PD Kim Kyu Tae and penned by Worlds Within’s writer, Noh Hee Kyung.

This time around , not much to say about this drama, it’s probably a melodrama in genre with its usual injustice good guy fights back but it’s a delight to hear Kim Bum and Han Ji Min back to small screen. Yeah !

Source : Newsen


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