Kang Ji Hwan moved from Lie To Me, goes to Tomorrow’s News

After a disappointing drama -Lie To Me- Kang Ji Hwan makes a quick move and will star in new movie titled Tomorrow’s News.

Based on a 1980s novel by Kang Cheol Soo, Tomorrow’s News tells about a man who has a radio which able to tell him today what will be news tomorrow.

Sounds like a very interesting , refreshing and smart story. With great writing and directing, Kang Ji Hwan should be able to repeat success just like his latest movie in 2009 My Girlfriend is An Agent.

And we also call it a clever action from Kang Ji Hwan to shift the gear from drama to movie after a consecutive disastrous rating result of his 2 latest  dramas, 2010 Coffee House -although Coffee House is super great drama and we liked it- and fresh from the oven 2011 Lie To Me which indeed a bust drama.

For Lie To Me, it’s not Kang Ji Hwan’s fault. It’s purely poor writing. The drama doesn’t have sufficient story to be told, the writer also failed to create a bold and appealing character for the main cast.
Totally fall short of all the hype when the first time it emerged that behemoth couple , Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye- will star in Lie To Me. Sigh.

Back to Tomorrow’s News, the shooting will resume as soon as they find the in-tune female lead.

Source : Nate


  1. marjan says:

    100 agree with you.we know ,he is very talented actor but the screen writer in lie to me was poor.first 8 episod was ok .but…

  2. elisabetta says:

    Agree too
    Lie To Me is a failure and very poor writing
    totally flop
    but hwaiting Kang Ji Hwan, we know you better than that

  3. wiwien says:

    I seldom watching Korean drama, but I’ve watched Lie to Me. I think the drama was not really bad. I like the story on how the couple being together and try to cast all the issues against their relationship. I feel the story in this drama, it’s about sacrifice, honesty, and sincerity. Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye had tried their best effort, and it worth appreciation.

  4. bluebird says:

    You can say that scriptwriting of LIE TO ME is a plop! But the on screen chemistry of YOON EUN HYE and KANG JI HWAN is fantastic!!! They are so cute and adorable like a real couple! Hope its YOON EUN HYE as the female lead in “TOMORROW’S NEWS”!

  5. jessica says:

    i dont think soo.. lie to me was a very good drama together with its humor it was therefore very great. Mixes with the very good chemistry yoon eun hye and kang ji hwan has. Many of the people i know loved it very much , it just got the bust from all these haters having no humor at all. But for me lie to me was one of the very good comedy love story ever!

  6. dana phils says:

    hey…. the drama is a BIG HIT here in the PHILS. we loved the loveteam of KANG JI HWAN AND EUN HYE YOON we truly loved them as a couple their great and will waiting for the next movie or drama their gonna make…… NO. 1 LIE TO ME PHILIPPINES…….

  7. Karlyne says:

    LIE TO ME is a hit in the Phils. we like the story and most especially Eun Hye and Ji Hwan’s chemistry on screen! in fact there is a campaign to have a part 2 of this drama. if there is no part 2, maybe another drama for the two of them.we really love them together.

  8. wilgen jade says:

    i really love this movie trailer :) ))

  9. ziri says:

    lie to me is the best korean drama.the chemistry of yeh & kjh is so fantastic you cannot deny it..

  10. jennifer santos says:

    we absolutely love “lie to me” here in the philippines. i accidentally saw it on tv and i was captivated with the smile of kang ji hwan and i so love the story. im a fan of lee minho also but my new korean love is kang ji hwan. and im already hunting or looking for his previous works.

  11. dana phils says:

    loved kang jin hwan dearly >>>>>> we’ve been waiting for his next project here in the phils…….

  12. lynn says:

    LTM has been my all time Korean drama favorite. The story is light and heartwarming. A simple circus story and relationship of the couple made me laugh and cry. I look forward to seeing HwanHye again in another drama and movie. They are a dream couple.

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