Jo In Sung romances Ha Ji Won in new fantasy drama ‘The King’

"ha ji won jo in sung the king korean drama"

The King will be one of the most anticipated drama of 2012, when A-list stars Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung confirmed for leading roles.

Both stars already a couple in hit 2004 drama ‘What Happened in Bali‘ and surely they will bring back the great chemistry on screen once again.

The King is a fantasy romance drama, sets in the universe where the world is divided in kingdoms and  ruled by kings. Jo In Sung plays a fantasy king from the north and falls in love with a princess from the south, played by Ha Ji Won.

Jo In Sung’s roles once offered to Korean superstar Lee Byung hun and  now with leading casts locked, the drama production starts to cast the supporting roles which likely to cast veteran actor Lee Seon Jae.
Behind the screen, the drama has PD Lee Jae Kyu and writers sister Hong Jin Ah and Hong Ah Ram who the exact same team from 2008 drama Beethoven Virus.

For the Jo In Sung’s fans, this is such a great news, as the 30-year-old star struggled with come back after military duty as his project movie Kwon Bup goes nowhere in production.

The King with dream cast Ha Ji Won and Jo In Sung scheduled to air in MBC on  March 2012.

Updated Dec,12 : MBC who will air The King said that they are still working on the casts, no one is sure . So, let’s wait for the the official news .

Source : Sportseoul


  1. Nica says:

    Is this confirmed already? because I have read from other web blog that Jo In Sung is still considering the role and it’s not yet confirmed? thanks

    I like them really so it would be disappointing if the news is not confirmed yet..thanks

  2. aidean says:

    amazing hope it will prosper i will wishing very much i am excited of their chemistry..

  3. jowon says:

    wow…i cant wait for them together..their chemistry sizzles……

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