Hot news : Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young are dating… real life

Yes, they already an item for about a month.
That’s what both Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho’s agencies announced yesterday.

Min Young and Min Ho have known each other for several years but not a close friend and when they met at City Hunter as screen couple, everything was clicked right away. We already suspected both have a fling because all those behind the scene pictures and videos were undeniable full of flirts for just a best friend.

Couple of days ago, an online news feed in Korea called that Min Ho and Min Young are dating and they have the picture of the couple was going out together. And it a bit surprised us that finally the couple opted to come clean and announced their relationship, considered that Lee Min Ho has tons of fans. What a brave and cool move ! We admire you, Min Ho !

This is a bonus for all City Hunter‘s lovers, isn’t it?  All those  chemistry were real ! Ha !

And here some hints for their relationship from City Hunter‘s set :

The flirts are visible from the early days of City Hunter, such as at the City Hunter‘s press conference event.
Oh, they already cozy with each other.

Min Ho and Min Young play around during their grocery scene.
The happiness in Min Ho’s face says all !

Behind the scene on Blue House’s garden.
Min Ho constantly chitchat with Min Young and can’t hide his bright smile.

Behind the scene of the egg scene when bodyguard Na Na protects Da Hae.
See how Lee Min Ho stares at Min Young (at 2:17 minutes mark ) , OMG, super hot !

Behind the scene of the roof kissing scene (starts from 1 minutes mark).
This kissing scene was real, y’all !!

And finally, this below picture give us the strongest feeling that they are more than just a friend.
Min Ho has a habit during filming City Hunter that he also recorded his scenes on his own video camera and checked it out everytime after filming.
Below is the picture, the couple were watching again their kissing scene on a video camera and see how close they were !
This picture says thousand words !!

Congratulation for Min Ho and Min Young, hopefully you both happy and ended as a husband and wife !
And we start imagining their dating life, oh, must be full of laughs !! Ha Ha !!

Source : Newsen


  1. ??? says:

    loveeee youuuuu soooooooooo mushhhhhhhhhh leeeeee minnnnnn hoooooo <3

  2. koo su ma says:

    mooooooooooooh love you can you kiss me plzzz mouuuuuuh

  3. @rezu says:

    I wish the best 4 them..
    But I love min ho very much!!!
    I wish happy days 4 him!

  4. Beloved says:

    I wish d very best 4 d both of dem and i love both of dem very much

  5. susan says:

    eddi patti chegatanne…pollliadimolle…ninnaka avan matram kitti ollo… neen nashichapogum tewadichiiii….. behanchod…teri maaa kiiii….tere ghar me chuhe bhagge…teri maa ke baal sare safeyd ho jaye ….kamini chod de usseee !!…tujhe tere korea wali rishi munniyo ki kasam…!!!

  6. Wish Min Ho and Min Young the very best in both are my role model luv u guys..

  7. Ashanty says:

    I’m so glad that u guys could eventually date each other… I respect u…i like u both.. One love!!!

  8. xNOONIEx says:

    I am happy for you both and I hope you, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have a long relationship filled with passion and happiness and I hope your dreams come true.

  9. Meral says:

    Lee min hoo, I HATE you for ever.

  10. ???? says:

    I love you min ho forever
    Kissing & hugging

  11. mahdiyeh says:

    Hi lee min hoo, I love you lee min hooooooooooooooooo, my name is mahdieh.kissssssssssssss

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  13. zary says:

    Are you lee min ho?
    Do you like any girl,now?
    You are a bad lover.

  14. shalini says:

    you are so very cute.

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