Ha Ji Won’s brother, Jun Tae Soo as villain in Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Have you watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal ?
Beside Micky Yoochun as the drama’s star, there is Jun Tae Soo, plays Ha In Soo character, the son of Ministry of War who hates Micky Yoochun and try everything to make Yoochun miserable.

The fact that maybe most of you don’t know is that he is Korean A-list actress Ha Ji Won’s little brother.
And he said recently that his older sister advised him to never did careless thing  even one moment when he took shots.

Jun Tae Soo also said that his sister always analyzed Jun Tae Soo character and thought deeply together with him how to express it. She often advises to Jun Tae Soo ‘When you perform drama character, you must think that you are just beginner and this drama is your last work.’

Especially for Jun Tae So who want new success as an actor in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, to successfully plays a  dual personality character, a freezing cruel man and  in other side  a sorrowful man too.

Jun Tae Soo says ‘My sister has warm heart in ordinary life, but, when she faces works, she is very cool. She tells me to do painful thing when it is necessary to my works. Maybe it is the main reason why she took position as Korean top actress. She always considers her present work is her last drama and do her best. I have to reconsider her advise’

And, practicing his sister advice, Jun Tae Soo ready to be called cruel and bad man during his performance as Ha In Soo in Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Ha Ji Woo is a good noona, her relation with her brother is reliable and full of love !

source : moneta


  1. po'po says:

    He has good looks but lack a charisma.

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  3. riska says:

    as a new comer, he played very well in this drama, as sorrority cruel person.. well don Jun tae soo!

  4. Lily says:

    I was watching SungKunKwan Scandal with my sister, then i saw him and thought “wow he looks like Ha Ji Won so from then i kept calling him Hwan Jin Yi haha i was really surprised when i found out that he is Ha Ji Won’s brother. No wonder their eyes are the same.

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