Cooking drama ‘Feast of the Gods’ released still

Feast of the Gods is drama about cooking and Korean cuisine. Although there’s already many cooking themed dramas before but the production team promised an attractive and more vibrant story than ever.

Maybe the attractive story they meant was the love triangle and secret birth ? That’s so old !

But, we could enjoy the food, at least.

32 episodes Feast of the Gods is scheduled to replace MBC weekend drama Hooray for Love and should be positive for February 4 debut.

They had a script reading back in early December 2011 and right now is in full shooting , taking place in Jeju island and Seoul.

The first still is out, shows leading lady Jun Young (played by Sung Yu Ri) looks gloomy in the background of gorgeous Jeju’s landscape. Jun Young was so sad as her step-father just left her for the second time.

Jun Young is originally named In Joo but she was lost when she’s just a baby and lives as Jun Young. She learns many cooking recipes from her mother.

Later she’ll involve in love triangle with Choi Jae Ha (played by Joo Sang Wook) and Kim Do Yoon (Lee Sang Woo) and gets a rival in cooking world from another girl.

With that so predictable storyline, we really hope the food will be delicious !

Source : Yonhapnews, Stoo

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