Coffee House ended but Park Si Yeon steals the show

SBS Monday-Tuesday drama, Coffee House ended its run July27.
Commercially, this drama is a failure because of its poor ratings. It’s highest rating was around 10.1% and average rating was around 8.5%.
But for Park Si Yeon (PSY), through this drama she can showed her mature acting.

At the beginning of the drama, PSY was overshadowed by Kang Ji Hwan and Han Eun Jung, but as the drama progressed PSY started to glow and her presence was noticed more clearly.

In the bulletin of drama after it was finished, there are many comments praised her performance.
We still remember PSY  in her Korean drama debut “My Girl” alongside Lee Dae Hae and Lee Dong Wook.  We found her acting a lit
tle bit awkward and she  overshadowed by Lee Dae Hae’s superb acting.

Then she took part in several drama and  she showed progress in A Man’s Story as a naughty city girl, a femme fatale character. And she transformed perfectly in Coffee House as Seo Eunyoung , a naive, more light character.

With her perfect beauty face and body, it’s about time for Park Si Yeon to be the next big thing in Korean drama industry.

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  1. [...] Coffee House ended but Park Si Yeon steals the show [...]

  2. Nada says:

    i agree, she was awesome….

  3. kdfan says:

    I disagree with the title of this article. PSY did NOT steal the show. It’s such a simple drama, and i expected more from her. However her acting is always with that fixed smile from the beginning. It’s like she’s acting with fear of crossing a line to show another emotion. Yes she always looks pretty and perfect in coffee house, like a doll with a fixed expression.

  4. aquira says:

    i completely agree.. PSY and KJH is the main reason i watch this drama

  5. Kay says:

    @3: It’s just your opinion ok?
    She surely stole the spot light and obviously is the most beneficial from the show. It’s not because KJH wasn’t great! The guy is amazing but this is pretty much the first time people see a new bright and silly side from PSY, which ‘s completely different from her previous roles. And if you went to drama blogs and forums, there are evidences that she has won over and gain so many fans for this particular drama.
    She was sucessful to prove that she doen’t have the look only, but the talent and charisma!
    No matter how great KJH or how funny EJ tried to be, I was looking forward to see her the most in CH.

    Just so you know, I didnt even pay any attention to her until this drama. It’s tell you somthing right?

  6. Kay says:

    And if you really dont see how impressive she portrait her charater with her smile, I really think you need to check your eye sight. She was awesome!!! If you want I have photos to prove it- not just talking k?

  7. Brian says:

    I am surprised this drama didn’t do better — I really enjoyed it a lot.

  8. Mae says:

    i agree, She is so Beautiful!.. Like the she act!.. (:

  9. Vivz says:

    I love this drama ever..i love Kang Ji Hwan and PSY..I really love also Eunjung..This drama was simple, a little bit dragging on few eps but nonetheless overall it never failed me..This is by one my fave dramas in 2010..Looking forward for more PSY and Kang Ji Hwan’s pair up someday..i hope they’ll have a movie..they really look good together..AS in…This drama made me have sleepless nights for 2 days in a row because of the lovely eps..i can’t get over it….Whew!!! I hope other people will try to take notice of this…REally lovely drama except the X-BF…wheeee!!!

  10. carmee says:

    i love this drama. and i love park si yeon here. ^^

  11. Mercury says:

    I, too disagree to this article, I was bored to death everytime I see PSY on screen. In my opinion PSY didn’t steal or do anything especial for that series. also, I watched ‘My Girl’ same thing she wasn’t dat good as an actress.

  12. jnt says:

    Park Si Yeon was great in Coffee House! Did she have a fixed smile? I’ve reviewed ch 5 times. Of course she should act like she was afraid to cross some line bec kjw’s dead wife was her best friend! She was just perfect, you know! and i hope she is not too busy with her marriage to act in another kdseries.

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