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Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah from ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’ are dating

One real couple emerged from a drama set.
Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah admitted that they are dating since the beginning of this year.
The two met in the set of tvN drama Flower Boy Ramen Shop in the end of 2011.
But their agencies revealed that they started to be a couple in the beginning of 2013 after they joined the celebrity ski team.

Their agencies also denied wedding rumor as Lee Ki Woo wants to accomplish more with his acting career.
31-year-old Lee Ki Woo is currently working on OCN drama The Virus, while 28-year-old Lee Chung Ah is joining the cast of upcoming SBS’ weekend drama Wonderful Mama.

Source : ohmynews

Kim Tae Hee celebrated her birthday with Jang Ok Jung’s crew

On March 29, Kim Tae Hee turned 33 and she celebrated her birthday with the cast and crew of Jang Ok Jung as she got a surprise birthday cake from them.

Happy birthday, Kim Tae Hee !

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Han Hye Jin finds new love with a soccer player

After ended her 9 years relationship with R&B singer Naul on December 2012, Han Hye Jin  quickly finds a new man.

At the moment, the 31-year-old actress is dating a soccer player, Ki Sung Yuen.

A Korean media caught the couple enjoying a date on March 26 and on March 27 Ki Sung Yuen went on twitter to make confirmation.

He said that he’s dating Han Hye Jin and  the relationship is still new.

Congratulation on the new couple !

Source : Kookje

Park Shin Hye on her 10th Anniversary

23-year-old Park Shin Hye will celebrate her 10th year working as an actress.
This cute woman debuted 10 years ago as a child actress in super popular drama Stairway to Heaven when she played the young version of Han Jung Suh (older version is played by Choi Ji Woo).
After that she starred in several dramas and movies and made it big when she played leading lady for super popular drama You’re Beautiful in 2009. Her latest drama was rom-com Flower Boy Next Door.

Then, how will Park Shin Hye celebrate it ?
Her agency said that she will go on a Asian Tour meeting her fans in a tour titled ’2013 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour : Kiss of Angel”.

The tour will visit 6 countries, started on March 16 in Manila, Philippines. Continued with Tokyo (March 24) and ended next June in Shanghai and Beijing.

Enjoy the photos from Manila’s tour which were released by Park Shin Hye agency below.

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Kim Soo Hyun ready to hit TV again

After became household names in early 2012 with his sensational drama The Moon That Embraces The Sun, for the rest of 2012 Kim Soo Hyun disappeared from TV drama and only appeared in box office movie The Thieves.

But, Kim Soo Hyun still worked , as he filmed new movie titled Secretly and Greatly (previously titled Covertness) since October 2012.
The filming finally wrapped up couple days ago on March 8.
And his agency, Keyeast Entertainment released statement that Kim Soo Hyun received several drama offers and he will be reviewing them.
Means that he will appear again in TV drama soon.

Meanwhile, Secretly and Greatly is scheduled to hit theaters next June.
The movie tells story about North Korean spy who acts as a nerd and idiot village man. How does he look like ? See below.

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Lee Jong Suk adores Kang Dong Won

23-year-old actor Lee Jong Suk who got his big break from KBS drama School 2013 revealed that he picks his senior movie actor Kang Dong Won as his role model.

Lee Jong Suk who received KBS’ 2012 Newcomer Actor Awards through his role in School 2013 said that he started to dream to be an actor after watched Kang Dong Won acting in Temptation of Wolf and Rain’s Full House.
He also said that he’s mesmerized by Kang Dong Won stellar acting in the film Duelist.

After wrapped School 2013, Lee Jong Suk is now working in star-studded movie Physiognomy. He plays the son of veteran actor Song Kang Ho.
Physiognomy, starred by Song Kang Ho, Lee Jung Jae and Kim Hye Soo is slated in Joseon era, about the war between Prince Suyang and General Kim Jong Seo.

As the youngest cast, Lee Jong Suk shared that he felt great pressure working with the stars but at the same time he’s also learning a lot from them.

Source : Edaily

Moon Geun Young bakes cookies for her fans

Moon Geun Young definitely loves her fans.
She bakes homemade cookies by herself for her upcoming 4th fan meeting.

Moon Geun Young’s agency Namoo Actors tweeted the picture of her, without make-up and wearing a grey hoodie, busy baking cookies.

Moon Geun Young said that her cookies would be unforgettable as it has incredible taste !

So adorable !

Rain and Kim Tae Hee dating?

The first news of 2013 is the breaking news of a new Korean high profile couple.
Rain and Kim Tae Hee are couple ? Wow !!
Korean news agency, Dispatch, was the first with news. Revealed that both superstar have been dating secretly for almost three months.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee first met in October 2011 – just before Rain began his mandatory duty- when they were filming a commercial for a social commerce company, Coupang.
They became friends and rumor has it that Rain went on the offensive.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee started to have routine meeting since March 2012 when Rain was switched into entertainment-soldier for his mandatory army duty.
On November 23 , 2012 they enjoyed a date in a car in the park in Seoul. At that time, Rain got a army leave-reward for a while after performed for ‘consolatory performance for army’ in Gangwon province.

During December, they used Sunday as dating day. Usually, Rain received a short leave after his radio-army program which airs every Saturday. They used Kim Tae Hee’s Toyota Camry. Rain usually drove the car and escorted Kim Tae Hee to her home , then he back to his camp by taxi.

The couple spent Christmas together. At that time, Rain was in leave. Kim Tae Hee visited Rain’s home on December 23.
During their dating, they usually wore hat and mask.

Then, how come Rain get those plenty of leave dates from his army duty ?
Report said that it’s possible because Rain is an entertainment-soldier who usually get many chances of special leave. In Rain’s case, he’s in charge of radio program, so that he gets permit to more leave.

After Dispatch broke the hot news on January 1, 2013, both Rain and Kim Tae Hee’s agency only said that they haven’t heard anything about that.

If Rain and Kim Tae Hee are indeed dating, that’s a great news. They will be a super adorable couple, we love it and hopefully they last long !

By the way, Kim Tae Hee will play a saeguk drama for the first time next March in SBS’ Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love. While Rain will finish his army duty on July 10, 2013.

Updated January 4 :
Kim Tae Hee admits her relationship with Rain
Just 12 hours after Dispatch broke the story, Kim Tae Hee’s agency released statement that Kim Tae Hee and Rain are in relationship. They’re still in the early stage of their relationship and are getting to know each other.
Meanwhile, Rain’s dating pictures by Dispatch sparks controversy as Rain was spotted wearing his military suit without his hat (every enlisted Korean army who are on vacation and wearing their uniform , they need to wear the hat).
Rain’s frequent vacation days from army also brought issue whether celebrities get special treatment while serving the army.

See here , their dating picture by Dispatch.

Also see below, Rain and Kim Tae Hee Coupang’s commercial.

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Yoon Eun Hye just sold her Gangnam house

28-year-old Yoon Eun Hye is a savvy investor.
It’s reported that the actress just sold her house located in Yuksamdong, Gangnam.
According to real estate agency, Yoon Eun Hye bought the house at 1.65 billion Won (around USD 1.538 million) on February 2010. She sold the house last month at 1.8 billion Won (around (USD 1.678 million).
Aside from the selling profit , Yoon Eun Hye also received rental revenue.
As the house was used for office, Yoon Eun Hye rent it with a 70 million Won down payment and 5.5 million Won monthly rental fee.

The house was built on 1989, with the size of 215 m2, with 3 storey including a basement. The house was in perfect location, only takes 4 minutes walk to the subway station.

Source : Stoo

Park Shi Hoo is former underwear model

On December 10, Park Shi Hoo appeared in SBS talkshow Healing Camp and during the interview , the -year-old actor of Chungdamdong Alice revealed several interesting remarks.

On dating
As I’m a healthy man, I also met a girl sometimes.
Previously in other interview, Park Shi Ho stated that he had no romance for 7 years.

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