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Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon attended 2012 MAMA Awards in Hongkong

New drama couple from Pretty Boy Next Door, Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon attended the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2012 in Hongkong on November 30, 2012.

Park Shin Hye and Yoon Shi Yoon presented an awards and walked the red carpet hand in hand and Park Shin Hye was dazzling in a red sexy gown.

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Sung Yu Ri shops at Cheongdamdong

A fan spotted Sung Yu Ri in her leisure time while the 31-year-old actress was in retail therapy at Couronne store in Cheongdamdong, Seoul.
She was seen checking several bags but her long legs wore a high ankle boots made fans in the online community amazed. Definitely gorgeous legs !

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Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong in humanitarian job in Congo

Jang Dong Gun and his A Gentleman’s Dignity‘s co-star Kim Min Jong helped UN organizations (WFP, UNHCR and UNICEF), visiting war torn country People’s Republic of Congo in Africa. The country is in desperate condition because of on-going civil war.

Both the actors were shock with the condition there.
Jang Dong Gun revealed that a mother have to eat leaves to breastfeed her babies and the children drink contaminated water.
Kim Min Jong also saddened with the whole situation as he watched how the children eating, playing and living in very poor condition. He said that as United Nations helped Korea after the Korean war, it’s time to help the people in Congo.

The journey of Jang Dong Gun and Kim Min Jong in Congo was aired by Hope TV.

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Kang Dong Won finished army, enjoyed Seoul

After serving his country through mandatory army duty for 2 years , Kang Dong Won was officially discharged on November 7, 2012.
And it seemed he missed Seoul so much so that right after released he spent his day explored Seoul.
The 31-year-old movie star then uploaded the 3 minutes long video of his journey in Seoul on Youtube.
The video showed Kang Dong Won was so excited, visited Namsan Tower, tourist popular venue 63 Building and also Noryangjin Fisheries Market.

Joo Won : I fell in love twice

Joo Won scored her first ever interview with KBS’ talkshow Win Win, hosted by his 1 NIght 2 Days’ buddy Kim Seung Woo and Lee Su Geun.
During the hour long interview, Joo Wo revealed that he fell in love twice. And that he liked to express his feeling by saying ‘I love you’ many times to his girlfriend. He suspected that maybe his girlfriend was boring about that and sent broke-up message through phone’s short messages.
While Joo Won talked about his failed love story, suddenly a tear dropped from his eyes and he was speechless for a while.

Beside his love story, Joo Won also revealed how close he is with his parents.
He said ,”every Saturday mooring 7.00 AM, I play football with my father and my other team in my downtown. Eventhough now I’m working in showbusiness and many people know me, I never skip it. After the football game, we usually get breakfast together or take bath together”.

He continued ,”I often go out of home alone for coffee. Or sometimes, I chat with my mother all night long”.

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Kim Yoo Jung explored Paris

Child actress , Kim Yoo Jung, visited Paris and showed some of her photos on her mini homepage on November 6 under the title ‘Night and Day in Paris’.

The 13-year-old actress was seen posed in front of Eiffel Tower and enjoyed her time in the City of Lights.

Uhm Tae Woong to marry a ballerina

Uhm Tae Woong made a surprise announcement.
During a next week preview of KBS’ variety show 1Night 2 Days which air on November 4, the 39-year-old actor announced his wedding plan as he said ,” I already thought about marriage within 2 days after meeting her. I think I met my soul mate”.

Uhm Tae Woong’s soon to be bride is Yoon Hye Jin, a professional ballerina , the daughter of famous veteran actor, Yoon Il Bong.
Yoon Hye Jin was accepted into Korean National Ballet in 2001 and got a lot of award since then.
The couple met for the first time in the beginning of 2012 and quickly developed serious relationship.
Now, the bride is 5 weeks pregnant and the couple will marry January 9 , 2013.

Congratulation to the happy couple.

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Park Si Yeon and her sister

Although she’s busy filming Innocent Man, but Park Si Yeon is truly a fashion lover.
With her sister, Park Min Joo, she was spotted in the front row of designer Jung Hyukseo- Bae Seungyun’s fashion show during 2013 S/S Seoul Fashion Week .

Park Si Yeon’s sister, Park Min Joo, is the owner and designer of jewelry brand MZUU which usually used Park Si Yeon as its model.

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Lee Byung Hun, 20 years ago

Lee Byung Hun is 44-years-old now and he’s been in show business for more around 21 years.
Recently, his photos from 20 years ago surfaced in online community, showed Lee Byung Hun while he was so young and happily celebrating his birthday which also a fan meeting.
He’s not change too much, right ?

And congratulation to Lee Byung Hun, as his new movie, Masquerade, successfully becomes the 7th Korean movie that surpassed 10 million audiences. Masquerade has been the number 1 movie in Korea for 6th straight weeks since premiered on September 19.

Such a great achievement, as Lee Byung Hun alone carried this movie (he played the central role) and his superb acting brought this movie to a hit.

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Kim Young Ae was battling pancreatic cancer while filming The Moon That Embraces The Sun

It’s revealed this week that senior actress, 61-year-old Kim Young Ae, was battling pancreatic cancer at the time she’s filming super hit drama The Moon That Embraces The Sun (TMTETS). Kim Young Ae played the evil Queen Dowager on that drama.

The story was revealed on SBS’ Good Morning show on October 10.
Kim Young Ae told that she was in deadly battle against cancer at the time she shot TMTETS.
But she didn’t want to bother other drama’s team who’s working in hard schedule so she secretly visited hospital for 2 months.

She also told that it’s hard to do filming while she’s sick. She had to tightened her waist with ties. After shooting, she was once delivered to the hospital because of jaundice, but at that time she only told that she just tired.
After the filming ended completely, Kim Young Ae took a 9 hours operation to remove the cancer.

Kim Young Ae definitely a woman who doesn’t want to bother other people include her own family.
As she worried that her son and her daughter-in-law who lived in US would come to see her if heard that she underwent an operation, she decided to only share her ilness to her daughter-in-law’s mother.

Although the battle with cancer made her lost a lot of weight, now she’s in much better condition and works in new SBS drama My Love, Madame Butterfly.

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