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Lee Jong Suk admires Joo Won

lee jong suk

In the interview with @star1 magazine for November edition, 24-year-old rising star Lee Jong Suk revealed that he is inspired by acting work of another actors in the relatively same age.

He said ,” They are in the same age with me, but why their acting expression was different than me. I believe that their life experience was similar with me, but their expression style was different. Every actor has unique style”.

He added ,”When I watched Joo Won played autistic doctor in Good Doctor, I was impressed by his creativity. I was like : If his role is mine, how I would express that character ? “.

Lee Jong Suk continued ,” This is not a sense-of-competition but if I find somebody’s great work, I will admit it.”

It’s true that Joo Won was astonishing in Good Doctor but Lee Jong Suk definitely isn’t far behind.

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Yeo Jin Go and his biggest worry

yeo jin goo 1

Yeo Jin Goo, the most reliable teenage actor at the moment, is in the October’s issue of 1st Look magazine.
The magazine put the actor in several posh fall’s collection and the 16-year-old actor gave interview for the magazine.
During the interview, he talked about his dramas , from The Moon That Embraces The Sun and his current sitcom Potato Star. Also in the conversation is his new film, Hwayi.

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Song Seung Heon talks about marriage and his bestfriend

song seung heon 7

Song Seung Heon covers Highcut magazine vol. 110.
He drops his gorgeous pose and also gives interview.

In the interview with the magazine, Song Seung Heon revealed that comedian and TV host Shin Dong Yub is like his savior and counts him as his best friend in showbusiness.
37-year-old Song Seung Heon said ,” In the beginning of my career, I debuted in MBC sitcom ‘Three Guys and Three Girls‘ . In the first shooting day, I made NG scene more than 10 times.
That day after shooting, Shin Dong Yub brought me to his home and cheered me over beer. He said to me ,’ You can be successful later. Just focus on your acting. Don’t look at other thing at this moment’.”
Song Seung Heon continued, Shin Dong Yub was already a popular celebrity at that time and it’s uncommon that a man like that brought a beginner to his home and consoled. He was like a savior to me”.

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Chuseok Greetings !

Yesterday ( September 19) was Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and several celebrity sent their Chuseok messages.

Park Shin Hye
She’s in Unites Stated celebrated Chuseok with the cast and crew of The Inheritors and the cute actress previously planned her Chuseok greeting complete with hanbok.

She said ,” Our great traditional celebration, Chuseok. I wish you a happy holiday with your family. I’ll return to Korea after finished filming in United States”.

park shin hye


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Lee Jong Suk’s unique birthday gift

lee jong suk

Lee Jong Suk had his 24th birthday on September 14 and certainly this was his first birthday as popular celebrity.

It means there were lot of gifts.

His agency, WellmadeStarM confirmed it , as they stated  that there were may gifts from fans such as delicious cake and also a cute figure of Go Nam Soon (his character in School 2013) and Park Soo Ha (his character in I Hear Your Voice).

beside those two figures, there’s also a bigger figure which inspired by his photo shoot with CeCi magazine.

The fans are creative, right ?

Also check out Lee Jong Suk’s newest photos for October’s Vogue Korea.

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Kim Ji Hoon’s fans served coffee

kim ji hoon

Kim Ji Hoon is filming SBS’ weekend drama Goddess of Marriage and his fans showed their love by served coffee and cookies for the drama cast and crew.

Look how creative Kim Ji Hoon’s fans, because the coffee booth was so cute !

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Lee Kwang Soo missed BFF Song Jong Ki

song joong ki lee kwang soo

It’s been 2 weeks since Song Joong Ki entered his training camp for mandatory army duty and his Running Man’s best friend, Lee Kwang Soo, already missed him so much.

The 28-year-old Lee Kwang Soo completed his mandatory military service after he graduated from high school, so he knows how hard it’s inside the camp.

Lee Kwang Soo let the people know about his feeling as he posted on his Twitter ,’ Are you having a hard time ? ”

He also posted the screenshot of a post from another Twitter account which said ,”I’m not lying, but my friend is at the same training camp with Song Joong Ki and he said that Joong Ki got caught eating a chocopie. Kekekekekeke he’s really human”.

Now we know that Song Joong Ki loves chocopie !

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Lee Yeon Hee is natural beauty

lee yeon hee

Lee Yeon Hee’s childhood photos were circulating in the Korean online community bulletin board.
Those photo are the prove that she’s a natural beauty !

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Goo Hye Sun to sing at Ji Sung – Lee Bo Young’s wedding

goo hye sun

Goo Hye Sun’s agency, YG Entertainment, revealed that she will sing a song during Ji Sung – Lee Bo Young’s wedding ceremony on September 27.

Goo Hye Sun will be singing a song titled ‘ It’s You’, comes from Goo Hye Sun’s fourth digital single. She wrote and composed the son by herself. The song expresses the how a woman falls in love with a man from the first sight.

Then, why does she sing at that wedding ?
Turns out, 28-year-old Goo Hye Sun and 34-year-old Lee Bo Young are good friends since they met on the set of 2005 drama The Ballad of Seo Dong.

Source : Donga

Han Chae Young is a mom

han chae young 2

Korean barbie doll, Han Chae Young, is a mother now.

The beautiful 32-year-old actress gave birth to a baby boy on August 28 through Caesarean in a Seoul hospital. The mother and the child are healthy.

This boy is the first child of Han Chae Young and businessman Choi Dong Jun after six years of marriage.

Han Chae Young already hinted her pregnancy while she was filming KBS2 drama Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek last March. After that she went to United States to stay with her parents and returned to Korea on August 15. A week ago , through a photos on her weibo, she showed that she still maintained a beautiful pregnancy.

Congratulation Han Chae Young !

han chae young

Source : Dt, Donga