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The Three Musketeers released two character teasers

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.09.19 PM

It’s like tvN says ‘Game On !” for the competitors as they released the two character teasers of one of much awaiting drama The Three Musketeers.

One teaser shows Lee Jin Wook, the delicate but commanding crown prince.

Other teaser shows Jung Yong Hwa, the irresistible warrior.

And they will be in love battle for one woman !

We’re sold !
And please be noted that this could be the very much Jung Yong Hwa’s breakthrough drama !

The Three Musketeers airs next August.


The Night Watchmen : Jung Il Woo vs TVXQ’s Yunho

the night watchmen

This could be the battle of two irresistible good looking men.
Who’s your pick ? Jung Il Woo or TVXQ’s Yunho.
Both wear their Joseon’s outfit.
Jung Il Woo is the prince while Yunho is the genius swordsman.
It’s certainly a tough call ! Ha !

Jung Il Woo and Yunho are the leading actors for upcoming MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama The Night Watchmen.
The drama just released the first still of them.
Jung Il Woo plays Lee Rin, prince who has unique ability in seeing ghost. But, he keeps it as his secret and his character always posing with happy face and entertaining behaviour.
Yunho plays Moo Suk, a talented swordsman. With his handsome face, he’s popular among woman but only his heart only belong to the leading lady Do Ha (played by newcomer Go Sun Hee).

Overall, just like its title, the drama is about a trained squad who patrol in the street every 9 pm to 5 am to catch ghost.
And with love story plus attractive characters, this drama sound promising.

The Night Watchmen has three weeks to go before its pilot airs August 4.

Temptation press conference event


Temptation held its press conference event on July 10 and we loved how the main cast dressed for the session.
Leading couple Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo opted for a black ensemble while second couple Lee Jung Jin and Park Ha Sun went for a lighter vibe with pastel colour.

It also a relaxed press conference, all the actors were in great mood, all laughing , smiling and they’re really comfortable with each other.

As usual there’s rice donation from fans to wish the drama doing well. For Lee Jung Jin, he got a bucket of flowers from fans and he uploaded the picture on his twitter.

This is 11 years reunion drama for Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo.
Choi Ji Woo mentioned that she’s comfortable working with Kwon Sang Woo. She said Stairway to Heaven was like a pretty melodrama while Temptation is more a melodrama for adult.
We couldn’t agree more on that. She described it perfectly !
Meanwhile Kwon Sang Woo revealed that Stairway to Heaven still has a big impact on him and said that Choi Ji Woo is always a great partner to work with.

About the pressure of rating, both Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo agreed that they have no burden, feel great about the new drama, will enjoy the shooting and be focus on the work.

We wish Temptation will be killing the rating !

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It’s Okay , It’s Love and its fun posters

it's okay it's love 2

It’s Okay, It’s Love released some posters and they easily became our favourite posters this year.

The posters were so bold, honest , attractive and so much fun !

Loved this drama already !

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Jung Yong Hwa in Three Musketeers

jung yong hwa the three musketeers

Jung Yong Hwa posted a picture from his newest drama The Three Musketeers on his Twitter account and wrote “I’m Park Dal Hyang”.

The 25-year-old actor and singer wore his saeguk outfit. Rides a horse and he was very convincing and perfect as a warrior !
Definitely can’t wait to see him in action.

This will be Jung Yong Hwa’s fourth drama (or fifth if we count his cameo appearance in A Gentleman’s Dignity) and also the first saeguk ! Such a perfect timing for him to elevated his game with an exciting action saeguk.

The Three Musketeers is billed as one of the priciest Korean drama ever made with budget rumoured around 10 billion Won.
The story is inspired by classic novel The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas.
In the Korean version, the drama will tell story of Prince So Hyun played by Lee Jin Wook) and his three guards (played by Jung Yong Hwa, Jung Hae In and Yang Dong Geun).
And of course there will be a love story to be told. It will be a love triangle between Park Dal Hyang , prince So Hyun and a girl named Yoon Seo (played by Seo Hyun Jin).

This epic drama will be divided into 3 chapter, each consists of 12 episodes.
The first episode airs next August on tvN.

It’s Okay , It’s Love : very cute behind the scene video

it's okay it's love

After being rocked with plagiarism scandal for its previous cute teaser, upcoming SBS drama It’s Okay It’s Love comes with another cute item.

It’s a behind the scene video and it’s very cute. All but smile is what would you do upon seeing it !

And with that kind of working atmosphere, it certainly doesn’t feel like working for those actors.

The drama itself will premiere on July 23.


Lee Dong Wook is the sweetest guy and also a gentleman

lee dong wook and lee da hae 3

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae were filming their reunion drama Hotel King in an area named Jeongdongjin. The weather was not nice, it was raining and there’s heavy wind.

So, between takes, both actors needed umbrella  and looked how much care Lee Dong Wook had for Lee Da Hae !  Lee Dong Wook made sure that Lee Da Hae was protected from rain and wind.

So sweet, wasn’t it ?

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You’re All Surrounded : Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara’s kissing scene

lee seung gi

The 14th episode of You’re All Surrounded probably was the much talked episode of that drama.

Because there was a hot kiss between Lee Seung Gi and Go Ara there.

And now, SBS released a behind the scene video of that kissing scene. It’s hilarious actually. In the first take, it seemed that their head bumped to each other before the lips touched, ha !

While the two actors were monitoring the result, Lee Seung Gi apologised that his nose was big.

OMG, really ? We don’t think so , Seung Gi !

It’s a cute video, see it below.

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Temptation : Lee Jung Jing starts shooting

lee jung jin temptation korean drama

Lee Jung Jin is back !

This flamboyant 36-year-old actor only appeared in one drama (2013’s A Hundred Year Legacy) after his memorable role in The Fugitive : Plan B with Rain in 2010.

He’s now working with Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo in upcoming drama Temptation and it’s reported that Lee Jung Jin finally took his first filming couple days ago.

Playing the role of Kang Min Woo, a charm and passionate president of a company, he just looked so perfect for his role in the several photos taken from his first filming day. And from his happy smile, certainly he was in full spirit !

Welcome back Lee Jung Jin !

Temptation airs July 14 , and enjoy the first two teaser of the drama below.

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Fated to Love You : press conference session

fated to love you

The press conference session of Fated to Love You was held on June 30 at the famous 63 Building in Yeouido.

The four main cast as usual was present at the session. Jang Hyuk, Jang Nara, Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won were arrived with interesting choice of outfit, probably brought the spirit of the bright summer and we really love Jang Nara’s dress. She looked so cute and in the same time sexy !

The press conference also showcased the 6 minutes highlight and , you should watch it. It was so hilarious ! We know Jang Hyuk never disappoints us !

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