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Lee Si Young in sleep deprivation

lee si young

It always happen, sleep deprivation , for actors and actress during their hectic drama’s filming.

The newest was Lee Si Young, the leading lady of KBS2 drama Golden Cross.

The 31-year-old actress was fall asleep , in a couch and seemed unaware of any state of the world.

Just purely deep sleep.

So cute !

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Triangle : Kim Jae Joong is a tough guy

kim jae joong triangle

If based on those stills, Triangle is definitely worth waiting for.

Because we’ll see Kim Jaejoong as a tough guy. He looks masculine with his leather jacket, tough face and  motorcycle.

So perfect with his portray of Dong Chul, a man with lower social status.

Can’t wait for Triangle, comes May 5.

Doctor Stranger : still and teaser

doctor stranger 2

Doctor Stranger is medical drama and Lee Jong Suk will play a genius surgeon, so a lot of surgery scenes are widely expected.
Just like in the newest still came from Doctor Stranger, Lee Jong Suk were portraying his role, surgeon Park Hoon.
Park Hoon was seen performing an operation on a patient, looked focus with all serious surgery attire.

But, the drama will also work on the romance side as they also revealed romantic moment between young Park Hoon and his girlfriend Song Ja Hee (played by Jin Se Yun).
Biking together in that gorgeous country road, so romantic !

Doctor Stranger also showed the other main cast, Kang So Ra and Park Hae Jin, both play genius doctors too.

Doctor Stranger airs April 28.

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Doctor Stranger : Lee Jong Suk’s stills

lee jong suk doctor stranger 2

The first Lee Jong Suk’s stills from Doctor Stranger finally out !

The 24-year-old looked mature beyond his age with his portray of Park Hoon, a South Korean doctor who grew up in North and finally made it to escape to South Korean again. He’s genius heart surgeon , looked charismatic but also full of strain in the stills.

Doctor Stranger airs April 28.

lee jong suk doctor stranger lee jong suk doctor stranger 3

Hotel King : press conference event

hotel king

Hotel King brought many of its cast in their press conference event on March 27.
Lee Dong Wook, Lee Da Hae, Wang Ji Hye, Im Seulong, Gong Hyun Joo, Kim Hae Sook, Lee Duk Hwa and their child actors attended the event.

So, will Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae re-create their stunning My Girl’s chemistry in Hotel King ?

We’ll see on April 5.

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You’re Surrounded : first script reading

you're surrounded korean drama

Upcoming SBS drama, You’re Surrounded, starts its production with a script reading session.

The event was attended by almost all its main cast, Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Go Ara, Ahn Jae Hyun, Sung Ji Roo, Im Won Hui and Park Jung Min.

Director Yoo In Shik and writer Lee Jung Sun were also in attendance.

So, with such a dream cast, let’s see what will this drama brings.

You’re Surrounded airs next April.

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Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Da Hee and Jung So Min celebrated birthday on the filming set

lee da hee

Upcoming KBS2 Monday-Thursday drama Big Man is in full swing of filming ahead of its premiere in mid April.

The leading cast Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Da Hee, Choi Daniel and Jung So Min are in the shooting set everyday and 3 out of them just celebrated each of their birthday.

Lee Da Hee was the first when she celebrated her 28th  on March 15. She got gift from co-star Kang Ji Hwan, a doll and candy.

Jung So Min got a surprise birthday cake from her co-stars and drama team, lead by Kang Ji Hwan.

The last one is Kang Ji Hwan who celebrated his 34th on March 20.

Happy birthday to all of them , hopefully Big Man gets a great rating result next month.

Also enjoy several stills coming from this drama.

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Hotel King : 3 new teasers

lee da hae hotel king

Hotel King released three teasers and we really really liked it.
The teaser let us to know that probably we could get a super cute Yoo Rin (My Girl) again in the form of Ah Mo Ne played by Lee Da Hae. Just remember, when was the last time we saw Lee Da Hae’s all giggling and wink ? It’s so fun and refreshing to she act playfully.

The teaser also revealed that this is still a melodrama with all that blood and revenge.

Can’t wait to see it all on April 5.

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Hotel King : first still from Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae

hotel king drama korea

Hotel King finally released their first still, featured leading couple Lee Dong Wook as Cha Jae Wan (the hotel manager) and Lee Da Hae as Ah Mo Ne (the hotel heiress).

Unlike My Girl where Lee Da Hae played a bubbly poor girl, this time, Ah Mo Ne is sophisticated rich girl, with gorgeous clothes and appearance.

Lee Dong Wook, meanwhile, still playing the probably quite similar character, a cold rich man.

Doesn’t matter how their character are, it’s just a miracle that they reunite to romance again ! And just look at how cozy they were in the behind the still photos.

Hotel King airs April 5.

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Secret Love Affair : press conference event

secret love affair

Upcoming jTBC drama about a forbidden love, Secret Love Affair, held its press conference event on March 12.

The six main cast arrived to chat with the reporter, they were Yoo Ah In, Kim Hee Ae, Shim Hye Jin, Park Kyuk Kwon, Kim Hye Eun and Kyung Soo Jin.

Enjoy the photos and the videos from the event.

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