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Joo Won is genius musician

joo won tomorrow cantabile

It will be around a month from now when we finally can enjoy the first episode of highly anticipated drama Tomorrow Cantabile which is the Korean version of super popular Japanese drama Nodame Cantabile.

And the drama starts its campaign by released leading man’s character poster.

So, this is it ! Joo Won as musical genius Cha Yoo Jin.

How is he ? He looks pretty and rich !

Tomorrow Cantabile airs October 13.

joo won

Rain and Krystal promoting My Lovely Girl

my lovely girl korean drama

Rain’s return drama My Lovely Girl keeps its promotion steady by released a behind the scene video of its main couple’s poster shoot.

In the interview of the poster shoot, Rain revealed that he’s Krystal’s fan and happy to be able to film a drama together with her. He also asked viewers to see a brand new Krystal through this drama.

Krystal also spoke to the viewers to give lot of love for the drama too.

And since this is Rain’s comeback drama, surely many will anticipate this drama  and we loved to see how comfortable those two main actors together, considering their age difference and the fact that Rain is much more a senior and more famous person in the business.

And we loved that they face looked so fresh and how matching them in those white outfit !

My Lovely Girl airs September 17.

The family of It’s Okay, It’s Love will be vacationing to Thailand together


SBS’ drama It’s Okay, It’s Love is doing quite decent in rating, revolves around 9% to 13% rating.

And with the end of 16-long episode is near on September 11, the drama announced that all the cast and crew, total of approximately 115 people, will be vacationing together for 6 days on September 17-22 to Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.

Those 115 people is includes all the team, from director Kim Kyu Tae scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung, leading cast Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, and all the staffs involved with the drama.

Only EXO’s D.O who missed the vacation because of his busy schedule.

This showed a beautiful unity , as actually this trip is already planned since the beginning of the drama because most of the team member were the same people from the previous drama That Winter The Wind Blows, also a collaboration between director Kim Kyu Tae and writer Noh Hee Kyung.

Not only that, this beautiful family of It’s Okay It’s Love also planned to rent a movie theatre to watch together the last episode on September 11, with also a dinner before it and and after party after it.

Sounds like a very happy family !

Bad Guys is a fierce bloody crime drama

bad guys korean drama

Watched to many romantic comedy dramas lately ?

Perhaps it’s time to turn into an 11-episode dark crime drama for a short change.

OCN , with its former good crime line – up dramas such as Vampire Prosecutor, Ten and God’s Quiz , is serving the need for Korean great quality crime drama once again with Bad Guys.

Leads by Park Hae Jin as a psychopath with genius IQ and also a suspect serial killer who with other 4 fierce characters (Kim Sang Joon as a cold investigator, Ma Dong Suk as a gangster member, Jo Dong Hyuk as a hit man and Kang Ye Won as ambitious police investigator) are trying stop a worst crime.

The teaser and poster characters are out.

A should not be missed drama, right ?

Bad Guys airs once a week starts October 4.

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Pregnant Park Si Yeon wants to be a single mom

the greatest marriage korean drama

Ever since we fell in love with Coffee House (2009), we became Park Si Yeon’s eternal fans.

Now she returns -after her legal battle- to a TV drama series, for cable channel TV Chosun which titled The Greatest Marriage.

Park Si Yeon is the leading lady named Ki Young who is a  famous news anchor , she gets pregnant with Tae Yeon’s child. Tae Yeon (played by No Min Woo) is a free-spirited food columnist.

A very modern and open minded woman, Ki Young doesn’t like Korean marriage system and opts to raise her baby alone instead marrying Tae Yeon.

The leading man, Eun Cha (played by Bae Soo Bin), is also a famous TV personality who wants to return after his sex-scandal put him down.

As he is eyeing Ki Young’s position, Ki Young is also receiving pressure to step down after her single mom announcement to the public.

The main couple, surely, despite their fight for the job, will build romance along the way.


So, the leading lady is pregnant with second man lead’s baby , but she will develop romance with another man. Kind of cute.

And it’s a breathe of fresh air to see Bae Soo Bin in quite comic character, after so many serious roles.


According to the first teaser, the drama feels loose, relaxed and down to earth while also promising a great acting from the cast.


Can’t wait for it !

The Greatest Marriage airs September 27.

Rain gave gifts to his drama’s crew ; My Lovely Girl sold to China

my lovely girl korean drama

My Lovely Girl is Rain’s comeback drama in 4 years and the singer/actor showed his kind heart by gave gifts to 100 staffs of the drama. He lovingly gave the gift, a jacket which perfect for  falls’ chilly weather, one by one to each staff.

Such a humble superstar !

Meanwhile, probably with the help of Rain’s big name as the leading cast, My Lovely Girl just sold to Chinese video site , Youku Tudou, which will broadcast the drama in China.

SBS announced that the selling price made record, a whopping  US$ 2000,000 per episode, means total a bit over US$ 3 million for the entire episodes.

It certainly brings the entire production in full spirit, even before the drama itself airs in Korea on September 17.

Joo Won trains himself four months for Tomorrow Cantabile

tomorrow cantabile

One of the most anticipated drama at this end of this year, Tomorrow Cantabile (Cantabile Tomorrow) finally started its production.

The team let us know it by released some photos from their first script reading session.

The event took place on August 23 at KBS Annex and was attended by main cast such as Joo Won, Shim Eun Kyung, supporting cast Ahn  Kil Kang, Go Kyung Pyo, Baek Yoon Shik and many more.

The team revealed that the main cast will give their own flavour to their character which very likely will be quite different than the original version , the Japanese Nodame Cantabile.

The cast also came with full of preparation, such as Joo Won who spent four months taking training lesson of   conducting, violin and piano.

With that great effort, we smell seriousness and hopefully the drama won’t disappoint.

Tomorrow Cantabile premieres next October.

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It’s Okay It’s Love held final script reading

it's okay it's love

The journey of It’s Okay’ It’s Love is almost over.

The drama released photos from the final script reading as the main cast sat together , practiced the final episode.

Been together in the last 3 months, all the cast and crew build strong bonding.

At the end of the very last script reading session, drama’s writer No Hee Kyung wrote a letter to all the drama’s cast and crew. The talented writer said that throughout the practice, she cried and laughed. She’s sad that their togetherness is almost over, being together with them all made her forgot all the hardship, she even wanted to write  more episodes.

Such a lovely family , doesn’t it ?
See above picture, writer No Hee Kyung sat in front row, just beside Gong Hyo Jin.

Kim Ji Hoon dances !

kim ji hoon

Kim Ji Hoon made a pledge during Jang Bori Is Here’s drama presentation that he would do a dance  from popular EXO’s Growl in front of a lot of people if the drama exceeds 30% rating.

And when this MBC’s weekend drama finally reached 30% rating in the last couple of episodes, Kim Ji Hoon quickly fulfilled his promise.

He was accompanied with co-star Oh Yeon Seo and child actress Kim Ji Young. They went to Myeongdong and surprised all the people there by performing the dance in the middle of the street.

The result ?
He’s such an awesome dancer ! He has the move ! We want more !
Check his dance out below !

Source : Hankyung

My Lovely Girl released 2 teasers

We really love Rain as an actor.

He’s capable actor. Just remember his last drama, Fugitive: Plan B, and we’ll all agree about that.

So, when he decided to play drama again in a romantic genre for SBS titled My Lovely Girl, we anticipated his astounding acting skill.

Now, with 2 teasers from the drama were already out, unfortunately there’s still not much things revealed from it, unless it will surely be a cute love story and we don’t mind with that while hoping that he will build amazing chemistry with leading lady Krystal !

My Lovely Girl will start its episode on Wednesday , September 17.