Athena : Goddess of War released main posters

Soon to be in the small screen, SBS spy drama , highly anticipated Athena : Goddess of War released its main posters after many cut characters  couple of months ago.

The first poster, showed all main casts, from left : Lee Ji Ah, Kim Min Jong, Soo Ae, Jung Woo Sung, Cha Seung Won and Choi Si Won. All hold guns with a flying helicopter and dark cloudly sky in the background.
The poster reminds us to Fugitive poster, but if Fugitive‘s has a comedy tone in its poster as a signal that Fugitive brings many comedic scene , the Athena poster sends message to us : this’s a serious spy drama, we’ll bring you a true action package !

The second poster showed all those main characters in a room which we guess  a situation room but with more relaxed face and outfit (just see Soo Ae’s dress) but still hold guns, ha ! They’re a spy agent after all, can’t imagine life without guns.

As a spy movie lover, we can’t wait to see this one ! Athena : Goddess of War debuts Monday, December 13 replacing Giant.

Source : Newsen

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  1. munchie_xyz says:

    i’m detective spy movie geek too…… waiting for Athena as Fugitive failed for me

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