After played vampire prosecutor, Yun Jung Hoon plays a CEO in ‘For The Emperor’

Wang Bit Na has been locking leading lady role for upcoming MBN drama titled For The Emperor, in which she will play a future wife of a CEO named Ma In Tak who received 10 billion Won inheritance.

And today, the drama production team confirmed Yun Jung Hoon to play CEO Ma In Tak. His role is described as bit a tyrant.

This is a straight leading role for Yun Jung Hoon after earned popularity played edgy prosecutor who become vampire in OCN hit drama Vampire Prosecutor. Actually he got 2 drama offers after Vampire Prosecutor but finally picked For The Emperor.

PD Han Chul Soo (9 Ends 2 Out) and writer Do Hyun Jung (Que Sera Sera) will be the key person behind the camera for For The Emperor.

With leading cast is final, this drama will be in full throttle shooting as they have very short preparation to meet February 11 debut date, replacing What’s Up.

So, the funny thing is , looked like Yun Jung Hoon  felt lonely at home as his wife, Han Ga In, since early this month was in the hectic schedule, filming hit drama The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

So, rather than blank at home, maybe Yun Jung Hoon decided to work and in the next three months when both For The Emperor and The Moon That Embraces The Sun filming ended, he and Han Ga In will have their quality time together. Super good idea !

Source : Newsen

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  1. febry says:

    I’m excited, luv him but don’t like his wifey

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