Jung So Min is hot sexy lady in red

jung so min

Jung So Min was too cute in Playful Kiss. It was 2010.

And now she’s 25 year old but  perhaps because that drama was so memorable so that in our mind she seems staying as a cute high school girl, never aged.

So, it feels so great to see her beautiful pose for Arena Homme Plus magazine.

She flaunts her sexy aura and it totally worked.

jung so min 2

Han Ji Hye in baking company for Witch of Legends

han ji hye

Han Ji Hye’s last drama, KBS2’s Beyond the Clouds ended last Aprll and was a failure , rating-wise. It recorded 3% rating in average. For a prime time drama in a national TV, that’s a very low number.


But, Han Ji Hye is still a TV darling with her mellow innocent face.

So, the 30-year-old actress quickly grabbed another new drama, titled Witch of Legend (tentative title).


Witch of Legend tells story of 4 detained prison who filled a room in a jail. Those four women are convicted with murder, fraud, stock manipulation and attempted murder. In the jail, they learn about baking knowledge.

After leave the jail, the four of them started their new life with open a bakery and thus face the real challenge as they compete with big chain of baking conglomerate.

Han Ji Hye won’t play one of those prisoners, but instead she plays a perfect girl, bright, energetic, smart , the eldest daughter-in-law of a a new baking company.


Other cast for Witch of Legend are talented actresses Kim Hye Ja and Oh Hyun Kyung.

This drama is slated for MBC’s weekend program and will air next October.

Source : Star

Kang Dong Won perfect for Cine21

kang dong won 4

As his new movie Kundo : Age of Rampant  premieres this month, Kang Dong Won also busy appeared in magazines to promote it.

After covered Highcut magazines this month, Kang Dong Won also covers Cine21 magazine.

We love his hairstyle here and look at his eyes, still sharp as knife !


Kang Dong Won still has another movie to come out next September, My Brilliant Life , with Korean beauty Song Hye Kyo. So perhaps in the next month we will see more of him in magazines and hopefully he will  pose with his leading lady !

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Jang Nara’s Chinese fans sent a truck food

jang nara

A truck food contained 100 sandwiches and 200 cold beverages in the middle of summer heat.

That’s certainly a nice treat for Fated to Love You’s cast and crew who are busy filming the drama.

And Jang Nara must be the happiest person because the truck food specially came from her Chinese fans.

So, showed her gratitude, the actress – even was tired after 5 hours filming – kept smiling and happily posed with her fans from China.

So sweet !

Ji Chang Wook shows his two looks

ji chang wook 1

Ji Chang Wook will appear in two magazine next August.

He brings his scruffy looks with long hair and leather jacket for Arena Homme+ magazine.

While in SURE magazine, he showed his other  side, a clean cute lovely boy !

Which one you prefer ?

We like both !

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Jung Yong Hwa dazzled for Esquire

ung yong hwa 4

Jung Yong Hwa is about to debut his first saeguk , the high profile drama The Three Musketeers, next moth on tvN.

And we believe it will launch Jung Yong Hwa’s acting career into an amazing stage.

Don’t believe ?

Just looked at his newest photos for Esquire magazine to be out next month.

Don’t you instantly be  a fan of him after saw those pictures ?

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Yoo Ji Tae returns with Healer

yoo ji tae

Yoo Ji Tae returns to be an actor for a small screen after 6 years.
The last  time he appeared in TV drama was 2008, with Choi Ji Woo in Star’s Lover.
After that, the 38-year-old actor busy worked on his directorial passion. He directed several short films and finally successfully produced a feature film, Mai Ratima, in 2013, which won the Jury Prize at the 2013 Deauville Asian Film Festival.
He also busy as a movie actor and starred on several movies in the last couple of years.

So, it’s a good news for Yoo Ji Tae’s fans, as we will have much more screen time with him.

Yoo Ji Tae’s comeback drama will be a KBS2’s new drama with Healer as a working title.
His role is Kim Moon Ho, a reporter working for a large broadcasting company.
He’s said to be the one who knows the truth about the past and will help others to find out the answer of mysterious past events.

Two hit makers are behind Healer’s production, they are writer Song Ji Na (Faith, The Legend, A Man’s Story) and PD Lee Jung Sub (Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Hong Gil Dong).
The drama itself will air next November.

Source : Donga

Yoona is ordinary girl for Sure

yoona 4

It’s Yoona , being ordinary and natural, in the pages of Sure magazine.

She also graces the magazine’s cover with a more serious pose.


For us, Yoona is the Korean celebrity with the most innocent face. She’s 24 but looked at her face, she’s like an elementary school girl !

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Finding True Love teased with romantic scenes

finding true love 2

The latest main pairing reunion drama this year, Finding True Love, which will reunite Eric Moon and Jung Yoo Mi, finally revealed its stills.

The romantic love story drama will heavily portray the love triangle between Eric, Jung Yoo Mi and second lead actor Sung Joon.

So, the first stills available from Finding True Love are not too far away from romantic scenes.

The first still, Jung Yoo Mi locked lips with Sung Joon in a park. Sung Joon plays Jung Yoo Mi’s current lover.

Other still showed Jung Yoo Mi and Eric, probably were having a kiss behind a book. Cute !
Eric plays Jung Yoo Mi’s first love.

We think this drama successfully teased us with those romantic scenes because we can’t wait to see its whole romantic scenes and want to know whether finally they could find the true love or not.

Finding True Love airs August 18.

finding true love 1

Lee Dong Wook’s highschool photo

lee dong wook

For the fans of Lee Dong Wook, there’s a new goodie for you all.

It’s Lee Dong Wook’s high school photo.

He’s already handsome back then, right ?


By the way, the photo popped up in SBS’ realty show Roommate , which is a popular realty show at the moment, features eleven celebrities living together in a share house, including Lee Dong Wook.