Han Ji Min to romance Hyun Bin in Hyde, Jekyll, I

han ji min hyun bin

Everyone cheered up the return of Hyun Bin to tv drama with upcoming Hyde, Jekyll, I.

And after that everyone curious to know who will be his couple in that drama.

Now, the waiting is over.

She’s Han Ji Min.

So, Hyun Bin will play a man with 2 different personality in which both personality falls in love with a same girl, to be played by Han Ji Min.

This is a back to back collaboration between Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min after their movie The Fatal Encounter earlier this year.

There is  always a mixed reception on a casting announcement. This time too.

Some are excited with this pairing, some are disappointed with some reason.

Well, the wise way is just waiting until the first episode airs next January, right ?

Source :cbci

Song Hye Kyo is colorful for China’s Harper’s Bazaar

song hye kyo  5

Song Hye Kyo appeared in November edition of Chinese Harper Bazaar, wearing several bold colorful gowns.

As usual, the goddess is breathtakingly beautiful !

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Jang Nara wants to marry at 37 and talked about her bulimia

jang nara 2

Jang Nara has been in show business since she was 20 years old.

Now at 33 , she still want some more years before she settles down with marriage.

The actress who just wrapped Fated To Love You appeared in SBS’ talkshow Healing Camp on October 13.

Also in appearance during the show was Jang Nara’s mother.

And just like any other mother out there, Jang Nara’s mom said that it would be great if Jang Nara gets married and has a beautiful child.

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Chae Rim tied the knot with Chinese actor

chae rim 8

Anyone who watched some dramas in the early Korean Wave must know Chae Rim.

She and Jang Dong Gun lead All About Eve in 2000 and that drama was phenomenally successful.

After that Chae Rim got married with singer Lee Seung Hwan in 2003 in which the marriage only lasted for 3 years.

This cute actress then starred ini critically acclaimed drama Dalja’s Spring in 2007. Her last Korean drama was Oh ! My Lady with Choi Si Won in 2010.

Since then this actress busied herself in China, where she played some dramas.

China was also the place that finally Chae Rim found her second husband, Chinese actor Gao Zi Qi.

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Lee Min Ho tops Oricon with Song For You

lee min ho song for you

Anyone miss Lee Min Ho ?

Then your actor won’t never let you alone.

He just released a new album titled Song For You on October 9. This album consists of 5 tracks : Song For You, Paradise in Love, Stalker, Travel and Burning Up.

And you all the Lee Min Ho fans must be proud because this album already topped Japanese music chart Oricon !
Congratulation, Lee Min Ho. You’re really in the different league !

So, let’s enjoy his voice below and see his promotional tour for Song For You which was held on October 4 in Beijing.

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Jo Dong Hyuk lost 5 kgs for Bad Guys

jo dong hyuk

We think that Jo Dong Hyuk is quite underrated actor.

He’s already 10 years in acting and starred many dramas and movies.

Certainly he isn’t a regular leading man in Korean dramas but it doesn’t mean he didn’t give his 100% for the role he portrays.

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Park Hae Jin is Calvin Klein hottie

park hae jin

Park Hae Jin’s career keeps rising.

Riding the wave of hit drama Man of The Stars, Park Hae Jin starred in three major dramas this year alone.

The latest is Bad Guys, a  criminal – thriller drama for cable channel OCN where Park Hae Jin is the lead.

The drama got warm welcome from the viewers as it reached 2% rating in its first episode last week.

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Are TVXQ’s Yunho and his Night Watchman’s co-star, Seo Ye Ji, in relationship ?

yunho and seo ye ji 2

Time for gossip.

Korean’s portal news , Sports Seoul, exclusively reported that based on entertainment insiders, Yunho and his co-star Seo Ye Ji are in romance relationship.

The popular singer and actor Yunho met Seo Ye Ji in the set of Night Watchman and both developing good feeling.

But because they have so many eyes around them in the shooting set, they carefully stay quiet there but on their off days , they go on dates.

And again because Yunho was a famous face in Korea, the new couple picked having dates inside the car.

One of Night Wacthman’s crew said that the crew noticed the spark between them since the early stage of the drama, but the couple carefully didn’t show it. They did it perhaps to not make any harm toward the drama itself. But, when two people are in love, you can’t hide love, you can see it in their eyes.

Ok, so that’s one side of the story from Sports Seoul.

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Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung’s first meeting in Tomorrow Cantabile

tomorrow cantabile

Tomorrow Cantabile is about a week into its premiere and the production team keeps the promotion steady. The latest, they released some stills showing the first meeting of the 2 leads,  Naeil (Shim Eun Kyung) and Yoo Jin (Joo Won).

Yoo Jin was sleeping probably in front of Naeil’s place and Naeil just very happy to find this handsome man falls asleep there. What a chance to hold him in her arm ! Funny ! So, what happened if Yoo Jin suddenly wakes up ? We guess, the bickering will start immediately !

Tomorrow Cantabile airs October 13.

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Bad Guys’ cast thanked the viewers

Bad Guys korean drama

Any of you see Bad Guys ?

Well, If you haven’t , they try to watch the first episode.

It’s good, well received and rating proved it.

The first episode which aired on October 4 averaged at 2.1%  rating and peaked at 3.2%.

That’s a very good starting number for a cable channel drama.

So, no wonder that the cast of Bad Guys are very happy.

The dram released behind the scene photos of the five main cast, Park Hae Jin, Kim Sang Joon, Ma Dong Suk , Jo Dong Hyuk and Kang Ye Won.

Five of them were all smile and looked happy and thanked the viewers for the positive reaction towards the drama.

Great, we’re looking forward to this excellent drama !